F3Omaha August 26, 2019  Murph

8/26/2019: The Red Wings Monday Murph BackBlast  (Waffle House Birthday – 52)

Vandelay on Q, FDIC, Blue Suede, Strange Brew, Tunafish, Honey Stinger, Armbar, Hard Hat, Pablo, Crocs, Wait Time, Truss, Sasquash, Mufasa, Slow Roast, Big One, Waffle House- Respect (In our Hearts)

Temps were at 66 degrees with 94% Humidity – at least according to Weather Channel app actually pretty nice.  The mission and disclaimers were presented, and the PAX moseyed the typical route through the sprinklers to begin the prescribed Murph in the park.



The Murph

This Thang consisted of four stations- each focusing on a particular area of muscle development. The PAX Group 2 was divided into four groups of 4 or 5.  Each group completed each workout together before running to the next station.  Stationswere on different levels of the hill so there was some climbing and descending.  While climbing the group needed to run backwards. 

We had 3 groups of 5 running the stations.  Each circuit was completed 10xs, as usual.

Station 1: 30 Air Squats

Station 2: 20 Merkins

Station 3: 10 Pull ups

Core exercises: Flutter Kicks 15 IC, Freddie Mercuries 15 IC, Big Boys Sit Ups 15 IC, Low Dollies 15 on the “OPEN”, and finished with American Hammer 20 IC.

Circle of Trust

Count-A-Rama and Name-A-Rama ensued- see list above.  This was a special NOR with “Respect” given to our brother Waffle House on his 52nd birthday–  Despite my best efforts to screw it up.

Announcements & Prayers:

 Colosseum launches tomorrow and Safe Ride is only slightly excited about it. 
 First Friday lunch in a couple weeks
 Triple Murph Labor Day – looking for VQs
 Prayer requests for:
 Mama Stinger 
 Baby Major Sasquash
 Waffle House – on his birthday and for continued healing for he and his family.

Message from the Q – Vandelay:

YHC asked all members to be especially grateful for items they may take for granted in life.  For example – the opportunity to be involved in F3 Omaha, and I don’t mean to be able to exercise.  A contingent of PAX went to Lincoln yesterday to celebrate with Waffle House- celebrate that he is our brother, no matter what, and we were there for that friendship.  Most of us didn’t even know each other a year ago.

I attended another F3 location while traveling, and although I was welcomed and they were great guys, it didn’t feel quite the same as what has been built here- of course I am biased.  Consider time to appreciate it.

Group Closed in prayer. 

Always a privilege to Q any workout of F3Omaha.



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