Thursday, August 29,, 2019//AO: The Maize// 68 Degrees

17 Pax

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Q: Placebo

Placebo welcomed the Pax to a gorgeous Thursday morning at the Maize.  The energy level was high.  Great to see so many faces out West!  Disclaimer and mission were stated and workout was started

The Warm-a-Rama

 SSH X 25 IC
 Wide Squat X 20
 Werkin X 20
 Big Boy Situps X 15 


The Thang: The Suffering

Placebo had the PAX pair up to get ready for the beatdown.  The workout was set up in 2 stations.  First station consisted of partner 1 doing AMRAP of specific exercise.  The second station consisted of 4 cones.  Partner 2 would bear crawl, crab walk, duck walk, respectively between cones then sprint to back to station 1 and relieve partner

AMRAP exercises

 Bobby Hurleys
 Shoulder Taps
 Squats with arms straight out
 Maktar N’Diaye

“Lincoln” was called for some extra credit.  Let the suffering truly begin….

PAX performed 4 minutes of burpees David Goggins style.  Disturbed/Stupify helped push the PAX through.  


 Gas Pumpers x IC
 Windshield Wipers x 15 IC
 Flutter Kicks x 25 IC
 Freddie Mercury x 20 IC
 American Hammer x 25 IC



 Triple Murph on Labor Day:  VQs across the board
 September 20: Vala’s family event….thank you Crab Cakes
 Sept 21: 2.0 workout at both sites


COT: Suffering Leads to Gratitude

Today the PAX went through some suffering to get better.  Putting ourselves through challenging experiences allows us to be truly grateful for what we do have.  We speak as a group often about the values we live by but it is truly another step to live that way.  Be gracious in everything you do….it will change your perception and behavior on a daily basis.  Reach out to a friend, open the door for someone, send a written note to someone close to you.  Gratitude is contagious, pass it on.  

Plague led out the group out in prayer


Aye: Thank you all for joining the beatdown this morning!


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