The Whetstone

Elkhorn Ridge Middle School

A cool, crisp 24 degrees

17 Pax: Vlasic, Tardy, Obi-Wan, Da Kine, Big Unit, Barbershop, T Party, Peg Leg, S’Mores, Clark Kent, T-Ball, Smelly Cat, Chowda, Kryptonite, Bogie, Longneck and Lincoln Log.

Q: Da Fridge

The PAX gathered by the flags in the south end of the North Ridge Middle School parking lot. Went through the five core principles, the disclaimer, mission statement and the purpose of F3. We then proceeded to the basketball court.


Warm-A-Roma began with some side-straddle hops and tappy-taps. The group then lined up on the baseline to proceed with warming up. High-knee skips, butt kicks, toy soldiers and single leg RDLs to half court, then jog to the other baseline. Ended Warm-A-Roma with a set of karaoke.

The Pre-Thang (Fridge Runs)

In honor of my name bearer, William “the Fridge” Perry, we performed six “Fridge Runs.” From the 2-yard line going into the end zone, the PAX members plowed into the end zone for a touchdown. Three scores to the right and three to the left.

The Thang (Focus Work and Dark Web Chipper)

To compile with the Bruiser Friendly workout standard, We had three cones set up (10-yards a part) with a list of exercises at each station. PAX members went through a round of chest workouts, then shoulders, then legs and finally abs. We went through each round twice.

Gretna (fake and wanna-be Omaha) was called to send the PAX members back to the flag.

Upon our return, we completed the Dark Web Chipper. We performed one movement once, then another movement twice, followed by the first movement again twice and the second movement four times. We continued until five reps of the first movement and 10 of the second movement. The workout couplets included, push-up and raise the roofs; air squats and lunges; and jump squats and side-straddle hops. 

American Hammers were then completed and Omaha was called. 


Q Source at Hy-Vee following the beatdown was going to focus on Mutual Competence.

Halfway House takes place this Sunday at the Dune. Check Slack to see running options.

Copperfield and Smurf Turf are Co-VQing at the Dune on Wednesday.

Check Slack for more information on social events, beatdowns and more.


Prayers were requested for PAX members’ mental health.

Big Unit requested prayers for his friend, Christian, and the mental battle he is going through.

Obi-Wan requested prayers for his father-in-law who is dealing with GI issues.

Lincoln Log asked for prayers to the world and the struggles, conflict and messes that are needing God’s intervention.

Da Fridge gave praise for blessing his friends with a pregnancy after dealing with infertility problems. He also asked for God’s presence throughout the pregnancy and to bless his friends with a happy, healthy baby in 9 months. 


I wanted to tie in the focus workout with my COT and Q Source and talk about focus. However, I have been under the weather since Saturday (I blame doing a triple at Oracle on Saturday and am taking it as a sign) so I was unable to be creative and find a way to connect it all together. Monday, was the first weekday beatdown I had missed since Christmas and there was a slight moment this morning when I woke up and I thought, ‘Man can I get up and Q this beatdown.’ I told myself to just get up and get going. 

Sometimes, the world throws the kitchen sink at you and you may feel helpless. Whether that’s physically, emotionally, spiritually or mentally; we face challenges each day. It can be a challenge to get out of bed and not fartsack. There may be problems and issues between yourself and your family and friends. And each day, our faith is challenged. That is not just our religious faith, but our morals and our character. It is not fair sometimes but as high-impact men, we are held to a higher standard and we are expected to set the example. 

But I challenge you to not look at these obstacles and adversities as challenges; but opportunities. They are opportunities to become healthier and more fit, opportunities to dig deeper and create long-lasting relationships and opportunities to grow in our faith. 

I am a big fan of high school wrestling and before I became a medical staffing recruiter, I worked as a sports writer for up-teen years. One of the athletes I had the privilege to cover was Kael Lauridsen, who just won his fourth-straight state wrestling championship. In this year’s state championship match, he faced his toughest challenge and found himself down late. He was even booed during the match, but he found a way to win. After the match someone asked him about dealing with the tough situation and he said, “God gives his toughest challenges to his toughest warriors.” For a 17-year old kid to think that way and have that approach is awesome. That mindset is going to make Kael not only successful in wrestling, but in life.

So my challenge to you is to have that same approach, do not see obstacles as challenges, but as opportunities. Put your head down, do the work, plow ahead and bust your butt. Sometimes, things may not go your way despite how much you battled and believed, but that’s OK. Do not take it as a loss, but a learning experience.

So keep the faith and trust in God that he will not give you anything you cannot handle, as I said in my last COT, cling to hope, keep working, keep grinding and most importantly lean on your support system and your loved ones. Lean on your F3 brothers, your family and your friends outside of F3. 

Keep working, keep believing, keep the faith and you will thrive.

Thank you to everyone that came out for the beatdown and supported me. I can never thank those HIMs enough.

AYE – Da Fridge

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