June 5th, 2019 | Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 75° and Warm

10 PAX: Tonight Show, Honey Badger, Greek Freak, The Plague, Khakis (R), Slow PItch, Vandalay, Hard Hat, Blue Suede, FDIC


Welcomed 10 PAX to a warm morning at Paradise Island. Explained the mission of F3 and reminded PAX that FDIC is not a professional and to modify as needed. FDIC explained that today’s workout would be a reminisce for some, and new for others, but overall a beatdown nonetheless.

PAX moseyed to the East side of the Regency building for the Warm-O-Rama


Side Straddle Hops – 10 IC

Sun Gods – 10 IC (each way)

Cherry Pickers – 10 IC

String Rippers – 10 IC

FDIC broke down the workout:

The Thang – Walls of Jericho (Theme of 7-7-7)

PAX to mosey around the entire Regency Building (about ⅓ mile) and stop at beginning point for 7 moves with 7 reps each:

Punch Up Merkins 7 IC

Diamond Merkins 7 IC

Copperhead Squats 7 IC

Lunges 7 IC

Monkey Humpers 7 IC

Flutter Kicks 7 IC

American Hammers 7 IC

Goal was to Rinse and Repeat 7 times. Reminded the PAX of the hill around corner 3 and to be safe with the slick grass going up and down

PAX managed to Rinse and Repeat 5 times. FDIC joked that we had 2 more laps, but then called Omaha to take care of Mary


Ring of Fire – PAX holding plank position until each of the PAX completed 7 Merkins, one after another

Box Openers – 10 IC

Freddie Mercuries – 15 IC

Big Boys – 10 IC

American Hammers – 20 IC

Circle Of Trust:

Count Off/Name O Rama

Reflection (below)

Prayer Requests

FDIC ended in Prayer


Acts 19:32 – Inside, the people were all shouting, some one thing and some another. Everything was in confusion. In fact, most of them didn’t even know why they were there.

FDIC reminded the PAX that sometimes with social media, crowds, bandwagons, events, we can sometimes get caught up in what is going on in the moment, rather than taking a step back and determining what is really going on. Gave praise to the F3 brothers that we as HIM practice this daily, and continue to ask God to reveal to us the Truth in these times.

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion about Q Source 2.4 – Positive Habit Transfer – led by The Plague (great in depth and vulnerable discussion among the PAX!)



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