July 31, 2019|Paradise Bakery, Regency | AO – Paradise Island | 63°

PAX:  Bubbles, The Plague, Khakis (R), Vandalay, Blue Suede, Chaz, FDIC, HardHat, TriDelt, Jean Claude, Folsom, Fire Walker

Q: The Plague

Welcomed 11 PAX to a beautiful morning at Paradise Island. Explained the mission of F3 and reminded PAX that The Plague is not a professional so they need to be safe and modify exercises as needed. The Plague gave Truss the opportunity to choose the fate of the PAX by deciding whether he prefers to start at the top or bottom of a pyramid – he chose to start at the top.


PAX moseyed to the Beach Club for warm-a-rama

  • SSH 20 IC
  • Alternating Shoulder Taps 20 IC
  • Sun Gods 20 IC (10 each direction)
  • Back extensions 15 on up
  • Jump Tucks 10 on up

PAX moseyed around the cove for a beatdown, stopping along the way to perform moves:

Stop 1 – PAX did bunny hop burpees across parking lot then back the other direction with frog jump burpees

Stop 2 – 20 burpees, mosey

Stop 3 – Partnered up for 20 patty-cake merkins and 20 (10 each direction) ab circles and 6” holds

Stop 4– 15 box jump burpees, mosey up the FINAL ROSE

Stop 5 – 10 burpees with merkins increasing to match number of burpees (1 burpee w/1 merkin, 2 burpees with 2 merkins, etc.), mosey

Stop 6 – 20 gas pumpers IC, 30 American hammers IC (FDIC), mosey back to shovel flags

Circle of Trust:

  • The Plague shared a thought about finding a way out of difficult situations
    • Often times we create our own escape route that leads to a deeper trap
    • Encouraged PAX to use F3 as their escape – lean into the group, build relationships that foster honesty, authenticity, trust and accountability
  • TAPS
    • Prayers for PAX

Coffeteria/3rdF discussion about VISION (Q3.4)

    • VISION – recognizing advantage and the movement required to achieve it
    • Acts 16:9 – “During the night Paul had a vision of a man of Macedonia standing and begging him, ‘
    • Socratic
      • How does a group determine what to do next?
      • Does an idea have to be big to be good?
      • Who has vision?
    • Spur
      • Through vision, the effective leader charts his group’s pathway forward
      • Some visions are bigger than others
      • Vision is a skill possessed by every person


The Plague

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