Paradise Island backblast 5/24/2023

Beautiful morning for a VQ!

Mission, Credo, Core Principles, etc.

Think about your favorite exercises…

19 PAX: Grillz, Bubbles, Farva, Retweet, Merch, TC, Ice Tea, Cosmo, Tightlip, High Hat, FDIC, Skipper, Invictus, Low Flow, Honey Maid, Moon Man, Tom Tom, Taser, Hindsight

Mosey over to Cancer Survivors Park for a warm-o-rama:



-Big ones

-Imperial Walkers

Off to stop 1 – head south on 105th (uphill!) to HHCC entrance for:

-Favorite exercise? (not doing that)

-15 Heels to heaven

-15 Merkins

-15 Shoulder taps

Continue mosey south (downhill) to stop 2 at Brookside Park:

-Favorite exercise? (not doing that either)

-15 low dollys

-15 ranger merkins

-side planks, 20 each side

Back north (uphill) to stop 3 at HHCC entrance:

-Favorite exercise? (not doing that)

-20 Freddie mercuries

-20 workins

-20 plank

Return to the flags!

-American hammers



-Prayer requests


We have dreams/goals/visions for the future, for family, work, personal accomplishments

If goals not realized (like doing your favorite exercise), it’s disappointing – it hurts!

Subconscious scales back dreams for the future to avoid more pain

So take stock – are you dreaming for the future? If not, maybe disappointment to address?

How do you address it? Identify pain you’re avoiding, admit that it hurts, grieve that loss, release it

Thanks for the support and being here for the VQ, men.



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