9/21/2019:  The Oracle-Non 2.0 workout

PAX: Honeybadger, Mongoose (Respect), Reba, Lucille, Barn Door, CSI, Chicklets (Respect), Coach K, Six Shooter, A Bomb and Thor. 

QIC: Honeybadger–


SSH 20 IC → String rippers 15 IC  →  Cherry Pickers 20 IC- Sun Gods 20 IC- Bobby Hurley’s 20- Hillbillies 20 IC


PAX, together, completed a list of core exercises followed by a 50 yard run in between each exercise (I can’t be certain that it was 50 yards as we were not on the football field, but I think we were close). Core exercises consisted of Big boy sit ups, Mountain climbers, Peter Parker‘s, Parker peters, plank jacks, chili jacks, gas pumpers, pickle pushers, flutter kicks, American hammers, and Freddie Mercury‘s. 


PAX Broke off into two different lines; quarterbacks and receivers. The game was simple, catch the pass that was thrown by your quarterback. Should you not catch the pass, both the quarterback and receiver would owe the group 5 Burpee‘s.


Each member of the PAX doing five American hammers in cadence (55 total). 

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers:

  • A Bomb’s Church, Lifegate Church, is starting a study group on Tuesday evenings if this is something that you are interested in.
  • Continued prayers for waffle house who will be entering a new stage in his recovery. 
  • Prayers to friend’s of Reba’s family who’s 3 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. 
  • Prayers for Six Shooter and his current circumstances. 

Message from the Q – Honeybadger: 

It can be difficult to work physically on your core alone much like it can be hard to sit with some of the feelings when life‘s circumstances shake your core. It’s vital not to go through those kinds of things alone. 


Honeybadger –                 

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