September 20, 2019|AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | 72° F and muggy

PAX:  Hard Hat, Dufresne, McConaughey, Stretch, Shackles, Slab(FNG), Ascot, Sparty, Honey Stinger,  Whiteclaw, Swinger, Caddyshack (FNG), Slow Pitch, Pele, The Curse, FDIC, Jean Claude, Wait Time, Blue Suede, Tonight Show, Crocs,  Placebo, Big One, Tug Boat, Room Service, Tin Cup, Mufasa and Saul

Q: Saul

Welcomed 28 PAX to Golden Spike. Saul explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed. Because Saturday was going to be a more casual 2.0 workout, Saul said the beatdownwould be a little more intense.

1 – Warm-A-Rama

PAX moseyed around the track for one lap and then congregated at the 50 yard line for Warm A Rama.  • SSH 20 IC• String Rippers 10 IC• Windmills 10 IC• Bat Wings 20 IC for eacho Forward circleso Backward circleso Seal Jacks o Overhead Claps• ATMs 3 sets of 7 

2 – The Thang

PAX moseyed around the track for one lap and then gathered at the goal line for The Thang. 

PAX partnered up,• One partner works through the circuit below.• Second partner bear crawls or lunges to 20 yd line and back to goal line. • Then, second partner picks up where first partner left off on exercise• Circuito 75 burpeeso 200 air squatso 100 LBCs ICo 100 Merkinso 100 flutter kicks IC

Rinse and Repeat, if time permits-but time did not permit

3– 6 MOM• American Hammers- 25 IC

Circle of Trust:• Announcements-• F3 Opportunities• Valas Pumpkin Patch-F3 Omaha families gathering on September 20• Parkinson’s Run-Sparty will be running next Sunday, September 29•• NE Marathon is also next Sunday•• Reference your email from F3 Omaha for more details• Stretch has a table for a fundraiser. Sorry Stretch! Forgot the details. Contact Stretch for more info.• TAP• Waffle House• Anyone that is hurt (physically, emotionally and mentally) and recovering.• One PAX member is trying to be more present at home. Something that all of us struggle with from time to time.• Words of Wisdom-• Live a life worth leaving legacy behind. • Golden Spike AO’s field was recently dedicated to Larry Jacobsen. Coach Jacobsen coached Burke’s football team for 26 years. The field was named after him on Wednesday and he passed away on Thursday.• Live every day as if it is your last day

Next F3 Event –9/21/19 @ 0700 – The Oracle  and The Pit-2.0 workout



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