G: 4/6/2019-The Oracle AO-Boys Town Campus

PAX: Brazilian, Crab Cakes, Tater Tot, Selleck, Room Service, Lowman, Ladioux, FNG Polaroid , Walk On, Honey Badger, FNG Formaldehyde, Placebo, Nodose, Thunderhead, Wait Time, Tonight Show, The Plague, Borland, Waffle House, Speciman, Coach K, Cyclone, Rollbar, CSI, Lemon Law, Grease Monkey, Gipper, Top Shelf, Flipper, Khakis, Saul, FNG Safe Ride
VQ: Reba
Weather: 57, little breezy, beautiful
Reba welcomed the PAX, forgot the mission statement, gave the disclaimer, found out there were 3 FNGs in the crowd.
PAX moseyed to football field for Warm-O-Rama
Side Straddle Hop
Child’s Pose
Left Arm Under
Right Arm Under
Jump Squats
The Thang:
Reba explained The Thang he had laid out. Cones 25 yards downfield, coupon cinder blocks laid on goal line. Also demonstrated a few new exercises: Wobbly Bananas, Toe Touch Crunches, and the crowd favorite Killer Rabbits.
Reba decided to perform the workout ‘chipper’ style. We broke into 4 groups and took off in flights to complete:
Cone Down and Back x 1
40 Wobbly Bananas
30 Curls
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 2
40 Toe Touch Crunches
30 Dips
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 3
30 Wobbly Bananas
20 Curls
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 4
30 Toe Touch Crunches
20 Dips
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 5
20 Wobbly Bananas
10 Curls
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 6
20 Toe Touch Crunches
10 Dips
15 Killer Rabbits
Cone Down and Back x 7
When finished head to bullpen, find a 6 that was still competing, complete runs and divide reps of exercises evenly between.
Six Minutes of Mary:
American Hammer…Reba Cadence: Slow with full twists. Maybe 12 each side before Reba gave up
Name-O-Rama: 3 FNGs 
Nate Farmer- Formaldehyde 
Joe Wellman-Polaroid
Josh Yamber-Safe Ride
-Lemon Law has service opportunities available April 23rd, 6-8:30
-TClaps to Crab Cakes for arranging the family picnic coming up at Vala’s on April 27
-Big Sky has a cabin that’s flooded that may need some helping hands
-Prayers for Peaches’ friend’s family Coach Kuhl who recently passed away
-Reba told the story about Rueben Granger and Howard Loomis who are depicted around Boy’s Town campus with statue at entrance.
– Reba ended in prayer
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