Q (7:00 AM)— Chowda / Home Alone
5 Core Principles and intro by Chowda and Home Alone

WARM-A-RAMA (7:05 AM) 0.5 Run as a group Mosey to WARM – A -RAMA

Beatdown – 4 Exercises as a 2 Man Grinder / Motivators and Shoulder Work
The Pax split up into groups of 2. Each group was to complete the exercise as a combined set before moving on to the next.

Exercises were completed in the following order:
200 Merkins, 200 LBCs, 150 Jump Squats, 150 Shoulder Taps, and 100 Cherry Pickers. While one HIM did the exercise, the other HIM ran 400m around the track.

0.5 Mile run as a group followed by Motivators. Pax then did Step Ups, Dips, and Derkins in sets of 10. Omaha was called just before 7:50am.

NAME-A-RAMA: Pax then did NAME-A-RAMA and named two FNGs (Blindside and Crackback) 

TAPS:  Continued prayers for room service and his family.

COT – Thank You: Chowda expressed gratitude toward members of F3 and the growth he has had in his personal life because of F3. Home Alone then did the same thanking PAX members and F3 in general, as well as HEI HEI for his leadership. Finished with a prayer by Chowda!

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