The Oracle


July 8, 2023


Conditions: Perfect


PAX: Like 50… reference video on Twitter


QIC – Hei Hei


Hei Hei welcomed PAX to the Helix. Went through core values, mission statement, credo… 


The PAX moseyed over to the open area. Slightly damp – Site Q clearly forgot to cover the playing the surface prior to the previous night’s rain event.


Warmarama 0600-0605

Our man Wait Time lead us in a Steinyl, and then we moseyed to the parking lot north of the football field 

Thing 1 0610-0615

Room Service lead us in a round of 5 motivators and then we moseyed to the practice field

Thing 2 0617-0625

Vandelay lead us in some Bolt .45s and then we moseyed to Heartbreak Hill

Thing 3 0625-0630

Cheap Seats led us in a Bernie/Burpee combo on Heartbreak Hill, then we moseyed a big horseshoe, back to Heartbreak Hill

Thing 4 0632-0640

Hei Hei lead us in some hill sprints w/exercises at the bottom and then moseyed back to the flags


Thanked the PAX for their support today and throughout the last year. Proud to be a small part of what we’ve accomplished, and I say we because I stood on the shoulders of some giant HIMs that paved the way and helped me along the way. Since looking for successors, I’ve been amazed at the number of men accelerating into leadership – F3Omaha is doing an excellent job of developing leaders. Home Alone and Chowda stuck out… and – as with most of us – it started w/the First F (both have been doing the Murph Challenge since January). I’ve been on enough pre-runs w/Home Alone to know he’s got the Second F figured out, and I’ve been to enough Second F events where Chowdahas picked up the entire tab to know he’s there, too. And Home Alone’s VQ COT had an effective combination of vulnerability, encouragement and challenge to know he’s got the Third F figured out. And I’ve seen Chowda praying w/individuals 1:1 after they ask for prayers in the COT to know he’s got it, too. These are two accelerating HIM that are absolutely going to excel in this leadership role. Two points of advice: 1. Leave the flags where they are. I circled back to Cheap Seats COT and last year’s flag pass, and how the Boys Town mission aligns w/outs. 2. Bring their authentic selves to the role, because they truly are HIM, and being themselves is the best thing they can do.

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