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July 12, 2023


Conditions: Muggy w/storm rolling in


PAX: Cheap Seats, Bouncer, Cataracts, Chucky, Blades of Glory, Armando, LPC, Gator, Truly, Barn Door, and Hei Hei


QIC – Hei Hei


PAX ran out and back… that’s what we do at this site. 


Storm set in w/a Lt. Dan-like feel…

At the Wolf Den Monday, Barn Door paired us up and had us discuss something we’re struggling with or trying to improve on. I partnered w/Tea Party and discussed how I am very driven – often to a fault. I also feel the need to be “productive,” and it’s tough for me to engage in activities that I don’t view as “productive.” And when I think about drive to be my best, I often focus on work, achievement and improving myself. I’ve been slow to embrace that it can come in the form of a husband and parent.

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