Boys Town/Oracle Workout

2-25-2023 Led by Cutting Edge

It was a beautiful Saturday morning out at the Oracle. There were 8 HIM’s present: Hoser, Chicklets (Respect), Spring Break, Cheap Seats, Greenhouse, Vandelay (Respect) , Hei Hei, and Cutting Edge.  We started at 7AM Sharp.

Warm-a-Rama 7:01AM:

We mosey’d south over by the picnic tables for the first part of the Pre-thang.    

Side straddle Hops x 20 IC

Tappy taps x 10 IC.

Big Ones x 10 IC


Pre-Thang 7:05AM:


We then mosey’d just to the east to the picnic tables.  This was the beginning of the pre-thang.  

We did 3 sets of the following exercises.

– 15 dirkins

– 15 step ups I/C

– 15 LbC’s I/C

After we did the 3 sets of each exercise we did 5 burpees and then mosey’ d back to the big field just north of the shovel flags.

At the field we did the following:

– 20 Merkins

– 20 Jump squats

– 15 Freddy Mercury’s I/C

– 5 Burpees

We then ran about 150 yards to the north, stopped and did the same exercises.   Once we were done, we ran 150 yards back to the original spot and did the same exercises.  This concluded the pre-thang.   

The Thang 7:28AM:

We mosey’d northwest about 75 yards to the spot where we would do the thang.   We Originally had 8 HIM’s but lost Cheap Seats and Vandelay so we were down to 6.   We broke into 2 groups of 3 to do the exercises.    

One group would run up a small hill about 40 to 50 yards, do 3 burpees, one 4×4, and then run back down the hill.   At the bottom of the hill the other group would start on a group of exercises and do the reps until the first group got back.  Then they would switch with each other.   The groups would work as a team so however many reps the first group did the second group would pick up where they left off.    We would continue to do this until Omaha.  Here is the list of exercises.

– 60 shoulder taps i/c

– 100 Bobby Hurly’s

– 40 Flutter Kicks I/C

– 100 Carolina Dry Docks

– 160 Air Squats

– 60 Tempo Merkins I/C

– 100 Heel Touches I/C


Rinse and repeat.   We were fortunate enough to get through the entire list one time.


7:48 AM Omaha was called and we mosey’d back to the shovel Flag.

6 Minutes of Mary 7:49AM:

– 20 Box Cutters – IC

– 18 American Hammers I/C


Circle of Trust 7:52AM:

We did the name-o-rama and there were no FNG’s.    

We did prayer requests and announcements.

For the COT I brought up a few comments I heard from a speaker named Shoula Richards and by an actor that I can’t remember the name of.   They both discussed that if you are trying to make changes just focus on one day at a time.   Focus on today, and if you get through today with your change then tomorrow becomes today and you just focus on that day.   I am trying this approach a little bit more and encouraged the PAX to try this as well.

We then closed with prayer. It was a great morning with great guys!

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