45 degrees

PAX (13): Tin Cup, Folsom, Lansbury, Rollbar, Spacebar, Khakis, Tuner, Canadian Bacon, Wentworth, Golden Pike, Vanilla Ice, Smashmouth, Sister Act

Q: Sister Act

YHC showed up a little early, stretched out some, and waited for guys to show up and get back pre-runs. It rained during the night, but not much, so it wasn’t too wet or sloppy. Since we were using the hill, I was glad about this. Once 0530 hit, the mission, principles, and disclaimer were given and we ran to the center of the field for W.

WARMARAMA: AsPAX circled up, I took notice that this was a great group of guys. I was excited.

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Tappy Taps
  • 15 Windmills IC
  • 20 goofballs
  • Merkin shuffle (all high knees/run in place and go around the circle dropping for 3 merkins per guy)

PRE-THANG: Once W was done, we headed to the hill, partnered up, and alternated going up the hill and staying at the base.

  • PAX at bottom alternates monkey humpers and air squats
  • Other PAX runs up the hill, does 5 Derkins, comes back down

THANG: YHC just kept it classic, simple, and good with a 4 station grinder.

  • PUSH: Coupon Circle – twice to the left, twice to the right
  • STATION 2: Alt lunges, Learning to Fly IC, Sumo Squats IC
  • STATION 3: Diamond Merkins, Werkins, Dry Docks
  • STATION 4: Cherry Pickers, Alt Arm Circles, overhead press

Not quite sure how it happened, but after the workout it was clear that it was pretty shoulder heavy. A love/hate text from Lansbury later in the day confirmed this to be true.


  • Flutter Kicks
  • LBCs
  • American Hammers

PRAYERS/ANNOUNCEMENTS – April 22 Anniversary, 2nd F the week of


Met up with a guy not long ago who said he wanted to ask me a few questions about something related to his faith. I was happy to meet with him and just talk through his situation, and we both left there feeling like the conversation did some good. Come to find out that guy has recently taken huge steps in his faith, all related to the conversation we had.

Did I cause him to take those steps? No. And that’s not the point, just to be clear. The point is – my buddy has a story. We all do. I got to be a small character in that story, and man, it’s awesome to think of how his story will develop and eventually end even.

I want to encourage you to be involved enough in people’s lives that you might end up a player in their story. Dig deep when you can. Ask the hard question. Men, I think this is especially crucial if you have a son. Be the hero in that story for crying out loud.

But second, what’s your story? What’s missing? Do you have any main characters or heroes? Are you at a huge chapter change or plot twist? Take the time to ask where you’re at in your story, and ask God to be the author if you’re lost. He wrote me a great one, and is still writing it! I know he’ll do the same for you.

Sister Act

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