Mt Olympus 6/28/23, 5:15 AM, 70 Degrees & Humid, Thunder, Lightning in the background. Remove Your Own Mental Limits

PAX: 7 Total: Animal House, Harding, Chernobyl, Stall, G-String, Hacksaw (FNG)

QIC: Duracell

Warmarma: 20 side straddle hops, 12 tappy taps, 12 sun gods, 12 reverse sun gods, 5 slurpees (slow burpees), 5 fast burpees

The Thang

We mosied about 50 yards to a small grassy island for the coupon workout.   We did High Intensity Interval Training rounds of 45 seconds of each exercise with 15 second breaks, which is just enough break between exercises to set up for the next move.  We completed 3 rounds, with 6 exercises in each round.  

Round 1: Cardio: Arc Press Lunge (standing in a lunge, hold coupon to one side, swing coupon overhead as  you switch your feet, repeat). Man Maker Merkin: Do a merkin w/ coupon to the side, at the top of your merkin, pull the coupon to the other side, repeat. Hydraulic Squat: Do a hydraulic squart, but lift the coupon as you standup. 20 Halo Dead Lift: Do a deadlift with the coupon & swing it around your head when you stand up. Combine them: Put those exercises together into one continuous movement. Core: Boat Sale (hold a boat position while holding coupon skyward.)

Round 2: Cardio: Touch Ground & Around the World (do a squat & touch ground w/ coupon, swing coupon in an arc over your head). Merkin  with your hands on the block. Kettle bell swing w/ coupon. Rainbow Press: Do a shoulder press over one shoulder w/ coupon, then lift coupon over head & repeat the one-sided shoulder press on the other side. Combine them: Put those exercises together into one continuous movement. Core: Weighted Big Boy Butt Kicks: While holding coupon, do a big boy, & when you get to the top, kick your feet into your butt. 

Round 3 Cardio: Traveling Tire Twist: Do high knees while holding coupon & swing the coupon from side to side as you raise your knees. Squats w/ coupon. Thrusters w/ coupon. Skull Crusher: holding coupon while standing, doing tricep skull crushers. Combine them: Put those exercises together into one continuous movement. Core: Place coupon on the ground & raise your feet back & forth over coupon.

Song Ruiner: While playing the song “The Final Countdown” by Europe, which is 5 minutes & 9 seconds – we started with 6 blockees & had an EMOM timer for 1 minute.  Each minute at the beep, we completed another set of blockees, decreasing by 1 each time – after completing the blockees on your own, PAX did murder bunnies for the remainder of the minute & finished the last 1 blockee as the song ended. 

We finished with a round of Sarpy Slammers w/ the coupon. 

COT: The COT was based on removing our own mental limitations.  Inspired by the APEX happening less than a mile from our workout, we talked about removing our own mental limitations, or the physical limitation of the guy next to you.  The example I used personally was a goal to complete 25 pullups, which took over 1 year of work. But what I learned was the mental limitation that kept me at 24 at least a dozen times, there can be a voice in your head that says “you can’t do it” and I physically failed at 24 over & over.  Then when I finally got 25, it became easy.  I truly believe our mind can put a mental block on what we can accomplish physically.  PAX were challenged to convince themselves that they can be accomplish more than they previously have, which will help the whole group push our limits forward. 


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Mount Olympus

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