48 PAX – reference video

Q (5:30 AM)— Hei-Hei, T-Swift and Greenhouse (late!)
5 Core Principles and intro by Hei Hei 

WARM-A-RAMA (5:35 AM)0.5 Run as a group 

Mosey to Beatdown  

13 Exercises
The Pax split up at 13 cones in a circle. Each set was 25, with a new PAX entering the circle to lead from each station (all doing exercises together). Two rounds were completed of the following:


Mountain Climbers 

Plank Jacks 


Overhead Claps 

American Hammers  

High Knees 




Alt Shoulder Taps

Cherry Pickers

0.5 Mile run as a group 

2 more rounds of 25, to finish 100 reps for each of the 13 exercises. This time with a small group that rotated around, and also had to mix in the following:
Derkins – 100
Dips – 100
Step ups – 100

Finished with 76 Burpees and 100 Yard Bear Crawl. Most crawled 25, did burpees, then crawled again, until both were complete. 

Omaha was called just before 7am after all PAX had finished the 1776 

TAPS: Relish’s family – one death from cancer and one has it, Room Service’s Son, others

COT – Be an Inviter: Greenhouse mentioned briefly about being resilient and adapting (since his garage door broke and he biked 7 miles to get there), but the main COT was related to being an inviter. It was based on a great COT he heard in KC downrange the day before, and how big of a deal it was for the Q as young kid in a new city. We have the same responsibility. People generally don’t find us, we have to invite them, because they need this as much as we do. Finished with a sweaty ball of man!

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