1. Temp: 73 degrees with about 45% humidity
  2. PAX: Hipster, Joe Buck, Hinesight, shortcut, dollface, Canadian bacon, demi_gorgan, rocket, good looking, Othello, hooah, flying V, tassles, Uhaul, Sandy Cheeks, Polaroid, Stitches, No Cry
  3. Q:no cry
    1. No cry presented F3 mission, values, and 3 F’s
    1. No FNGS but new Pax to the site (shortcut)
  4. Warm-up around the center of the main memorial
    1. 15SSH
    1. 15Merkins
    1. 15Tappy taps
    1. 15 big ones
  5. Mosey to main drive where all the flags are lined up coming into the circle
    1. 19 pax lined up single file and completed a chain run while carrying 25lbs weight, looping around twice ending at the entrance
    1. Pax were then guided to continue down the hill towards happy hollow in a chain run.
      1. Every pole on the way down the hill the group was instructed to do burpees adding one for every pole we stopped at.
    1. Once at the bottom of the hill Pax crossed over to open field by the church where we split into groups of two or three and instructed to bear crawl 10 yards then sprint to the next cone. Once there jog back all the while the other pax completed 75 reps of each execerise listed on paper for them.
  6. Omaha was called and pax was asked to return to the flags.


  1. Rocket will be qing Future on Thursday july 19th
  2. There are some F2 events that are coming up, check slack and twitter feeds.


“Please kneel with me as I kneel among you.”

                From the foundation I set here, within myself, there then joins me, my brothers, This creation , manifestation of solid souls, tested by time and tribulations, exists for those who seek it, need it, and want to give it. Rest easy our fears for we cannot be shaken as whole. There will be a day I will no longer stand in flesh but in spirit among those who come after us. I have found solice amongst you all! Detours, challenges, and failures are always on the menu, but I know that through it all we are what we are together!                      -David Perilo-


  1. Keep the family of a young 6 year old drowning victim in your thoughts and prayers, there is a GoFundme set up already for the family which you can find through local news station websites.
  2. Continued prayers for Room Service and Pete, still have a long road ahead of them.
  3. Polaroids young friend Tyler was recently diagnoised with brain cancer so keep him and his family in your prayers.

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