Date: 2/8/2023

Weather: Clear skies, 26 degrees

Q: Sweet Roll

PAX Members: (11) G-String, Lady Bug, Kickstand, Dozer, Busser, Baby Shark, Levy, Chernobyl, Beans, Mortar, Fun DIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIP

YHC: Welcomed the Pax at 5:15 welcoming them to F3’s Mount Olympus and introducing myself as Sweet Roll. “F3 stands for Fitness Fellowship and Faith. F3 has 5 core principles, Free, Open to all men, always held outside, led in a rotating fashion and we Always end in a circle of trust. The mission of F3 is plant, grow and serve small workout groups for the reinvigoration of male community leadership. I am not a professional so please modify as necessary.”

Warm O Rama: 

One lap around the Mount O parking lot. 

Deep Squat with coupon

Form Coupon Merkins

Sun Gods

Coupon straight arm holds. 

The Thang: This was my first time leading an all-couponworkout. Although I enjoy these workouts at times I feel like we just stand and lift a brick and the heart rate stays low. I wanted to use that damn brick but also incorporate some yogging and constant movement (aside from a 10 count after each round) I set up a light in half the distance of the width of the football field on site. We did 6 rounds of exercises (the last with called out exercises from Chernobyl and Dozer)

Round 1

Murder Bunny to the light

-20 Overhead Presses

– Rifle carry to the other end of the field

20 Tricep extensions

-Run back to where we started and back again to rest for a 10 count before round 2.

Each round was the same except for the exercise at the light and at the other side line.

Round 2 were 10 Blockees and 20 Big Boys

Round 3 was 20 Coupon Merkins and Coupon Squats

Round 4 was 20 Rows and 20 Pull throughs

Round 5 was 20 Curls and 10 Blockees

Round 6 was 20 tempo merkins and LBCs w/ coupon.

Omaha was called after we completed the last round. We moseyed back to the shovel flag. On route a couple of the Pax told me that it was a solid workout and that the constant movement kept them warm this cold morning. Were they just being nice. Hard to know with this group of HIM. I know I was gassed. 

We were short on time so my original plan for Mary was aborted. Instead I had the Pax partner up and take turns holding elbow plank with a coupon on their back. 30 second holds. We were very careful not to damage a coupon as they are all works of art. Especially G-Strings. Thanks Huffy! We finished with two rounds of Sarpy Slammers to end the workout. 

Announcements and Prayer requests

Blood Drive. Gradoville Fundraiser. Etc. I cant remember everything my guy Chernobyl announces.

Prayers for Uncle Jesse and son and all those with heart conditions including Triple T. Prayers for Mortar, he’s having a Boy. Also, prayers for Strangle Hold and Simmons who are also having new babies. Prayers for Skidz (ewwww) as he goes into surgery. 


I thanked Fun Dip for allowing me to Q today. I have a goal this year to Q at least 6 sites thay I have yet to. This was the last Sarpy AO on the list so the rest will be in DC. 

I then brought up the awesome planet of Jupiter and read the following statement about the big planet. “The gravity of Jupiterkeeps most asteroids and space rocks away from Earth. Without Jupiter, Earth would most likely be uninhabitable for humans. Mad respect for Jupiter” YHC encourage the Pax to be like Jupiter in our lives. Protect our Earth (family, friends and communities) Jupiter also has a dark side where its gravity can also pulls space rocks and fling them towards earth. Used this as an analogy for us to not engage in activities that would send rocks hurling at our loved ones. So be the good Jupiter. As HIM it is our responsibility. 


Sweet Roll

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