Main Stage

Wednesday- October 27th 2021- Millard South High

57 degrees, cool, crisp morning. Clear skies. Gorgeous.

PAX: Baby Shoes, Pit Stop, Urkel, Big One, Lite Bright, Escobar, Paddy Mayo, Yogi, Hard Hat, Tumbleweed, Da Fridge, Barber Wire, Griswold, Kickstand, Hosel Rocket

Q: Roadhouse

The alarm went off at 4:30 AM. I jumped out of bed, excited about the Q this morning. It had  been a while since I had Q’d at Main Stage. Since, I last led there, there were some new leaders in town. The kids, Baby Shoes and Urkel! I was excited to see what they have done with the place.

I pulled into the lot around 4:55 and found quite a few cars already there. But interestingly enough, no people. I would later learn that this group of pre-runners left at 4:45… STUDS! I made my way down to the field to take a look at my arena.

The lights were off as I started to walk the track. I looked around and made some final decisions about what parts of this site I would be using and how I would be using them. Then in the darkness I heard a hum and a click and before I knew it, the stadium lights were all on. They must have known I was there…

I walked for about 25 minutes before I headed back up the flags. Some of the PAX were already gathering and the pre-runners  had made their way back. By 5:30 AM we had 15 guys and it was a wonderful group! I was especially excited to see Griz there after seeing a sexually explicit text from him earlier that morning at 4:30. He had some promises to keep…

I welcomed the PAX and stumbled through the intro. 3 Fs, 5 cores, not sure I rememebered the mission. Definitely no credo. One of these days, I will do the intro the right way. I promise you Tater…

With that we moseyed down to the football field and our 15 became 16. Welcome Big One, and happy birthday brother!

We circled up behind the goal post for some Warm-a-rama!


Silent SSH’s 9 and 11

Big Ones 10 count

Deep Stretch 10 count

Imperial Walkers 10 IC

Sun Gods 10 each

The chatter during WAR was already magnificent. With this group of guys how could it not be? Once we got done with WAR, I instructed the group to take a lap around the track and meet at the bottom of the stadium stairs.

As we gathered at the base of the staircase, I let the PAX know what was next. We were going to go up and down the stairs until we got to the opposite end. Waiting for us at the other end, was some wall work. Stairs and wall work? Who the fuck did I think I was? This was stupid.

THE PRE-THANG: Stadium Stairs and Wall Work

Up and down the stairs starting on the south end and ending on the North end.

Wall Work:

10 Donkey kicks

10 chicken peckers

10 Australian mt climbers

10 Balls to the Wall

After the round of wall work, I made a decision that all 16 of us would come to regret. I told the PAX to head back up the stairs the south direction and waiting for us there, another round of wall work. And with that, I was officially an idiot!

One PAX member said they might puke, another questioned me and said, what happened to you as a kid. A third just shook his head in disgust.

After we finished the second set of wall work, we moseyed to the goal line of the football field. It was time for that Thang baby!


For the Thang, were going to be together. 100 yards of running followed by a set of 20 exercises. One goal line would be Merkins and the other end would be core. And with that we ran. Again, the chatter was terrific. There was a lot of innuendo on this morning stemming from the wetness of the field and some of the exercises we were doing. We laughed a lot. We sweat a lot. It was a perfect morning.

At 6 AM Omaha was called. I had asked my brother Hard Hat to lead us in some Broga and he delivered. He stretched us out and got us centered and then ended by having us butt chug some moonpies!


American Hammers- 16

And that we were done. I was dripping with sweat and so were the rest of the PAX. Mission Accomplished!


NOR went smooth and everyone remembered their name!


This week is the Big One’s birthday.

There was a new site launched on Tuesday in Gretna, the Village

Lots of 2nd and 3rd F shit going on.


Tassels and his wife

Pit Stop and his Family

OT had wrist surgery


This week, Bodhi, my five year old son, went on his first field trip! They were headed to Ditmer’s Apple Orchard and I asked him what we was most excited about. The hayrack ride? Picking apples? The cool playground they have there? Nope. What Bodhi was most excited about was the bus. Riding on the school bus for the first time! (See evidence below)

I asked him why? With all the cool stuff at the orchard, why was he most excited about the bus? He looked at me with his big, wonderful eyes, and said, “It’s all about the ride dad…”

Well motherfucker! This kindergartener just dropped some knowledge on me! I could not help but laugh and smile as I thought about how deep and meaningful his simple observation really was.

I am a goal setter. I like setting quarterly and annual goals to push myself and try to get better. But often times I get so focused on those end results, that I forget to enjoy the ride. To live in the moment. And that is where all the learning, all the fun, all the life actually happens. The ride is the best part but far too often, I either forget to pay attention or get too busy to notice it.

At five years old, Bodhi reminded me that while the destination may be cool, it’s all about the ride!

My challenge to you, reflect on this, think about your goals and where you are headed and be really intentional about enjoying that ride along the way.

I love you

Roadhouse, CLB

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