AO: The Horse Track

PAX: Cyclone, Bluegrass, Folsom

QIC: Folsom

Temp: 74, partly sunny

Warm O’Rama:

The Three Horseman of the Apocalypse descended upon The Horse Track riding steads of steel, mostly made my Toyota.  We grabbed our Iron and moseyed over to the stage for Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walkers, Monkey Humpers, and Shoulder Taps.

The Thang:

We remained on the stage for the Thang; The Horse Track ain’t about running it’s about lifting.  Folsom may have invented a new exercise, or just renamed an old one, but we started with a Lucky 13 combination of Ben Afflecks (with dumbbells in hand, Merkan, then alternating rows while holding the plank position) and Thrusters.  This started with 12 Afflecks and one Thruster and continued to down to 1 Affleck and 12 Thrusters, always adding up to 13.  The mumblechatter proclaimed Folson a real bad ass for this full body punisher.  From there we  stepped to the side of the stage with dumbbells in hand and played a game of Black Jack, this time starting with 20 step ups, and 1 dip on the side of the stage.  Folsom took mercy on his fellow Horsemen and counted down by two’s, so the progression went from 20 step ups, to 18, to 16, etc. all the way down to 2, all the while increasing the number of dips by 2.  After that we called Omaha, and did a quick lap to refresh ourselves and gathered back on the stage for MoM.

6 Minutes of Mary:

Why bring weights to the Horse Track and not use them?  We did 25 LBC’s with a dumbbell pressed high above of chests.  We followed that up with a quick run through the alphabet, giving the dumbbells a quick breather before picking them up to finish with 25 weighted American Hammers.  A good core burn was had by all!

Ball O’ Rama:

Folsom lead the Horsemen in a prayer and then the Iron was returned to the Toyota brand horses of steel and the third F was celebrated when Bluegrass treated the other Horsemen to a couple rounds of hops and barley.

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