June 19, 2019, 65 degrees and a packed stage!

A record for Heavy Metal with 20 PAX showing up.

PAX: Wait Time, Honk Honk, Stella, Bloodshot, Baywatch, Freestyle, TC, Safe Ride, Rollbar, Folsom, CSI, Ponzi, Peekaboo, FNG-Chad Redding (Thumper), Swinger, Gunner, Honey Stinger, Trademark, and Baby Grand

Q this fine morning: Borland

As the PAX filled the stage Borland welcome everyone, gave the disclaimer, and dumbbells were placed on the stage waiting for the Spartacus Grinder to begin.


20 SSH

10 Sun Gods: each direction

15 String Ripper

The THANG: The Spartacus Grinder

This was circuit style workout 45 second exercises with a 15 rest. It’s based on the Spartacus Workout from Mens Health, but then Borland took editing liberties and added a few F3 exercises.

There were 2 1/2 sets of the following exercises, AMRAP style:

Goblet Squat

Mountain Climber

Left Arm/Right Arm Dumbbell Swing

T-Bar Merkin

Rocks up, Rocks up

Bent-over Row

Heavy Side Lunge & Touch

Hammer Curls

Merkin Rows

Lunge and Twist

Heavy Travolta Merkins

Arnold Press

At the end of the first set the mumble chatter began.

Borland thought he was being helpful by calling out remain time, but this just further fanned the fires of the mumble chatter.

Near the end of the second set some PAX *cough* *Ponzi* were begging for OMAHA to be called. But Borland stayed the course with much appreciated encouragement from TC and CSI.

When OMAHA was finally called, Wait Time was gracious enough to lead the PAX to the home stretch with 25 weighted American Hammers, a Heavy Metal favorite.

Playlist consisted of:

Crazy Train – Ozzy Osbourne

Believer – Imagine Dragons

Feel Invincible – Skillet

DEVIL – Shinedown

Land of Confusion – Disturbed

The Distance – Cake

Hail to the King – Avenged Sevenfold

Juke Box Hero – Foreigner

The Final Countdown (Live Version) – Europe



The Pit will be launching on July 20th thanks to Plague. So if you know any Sad Clowns in Papillion start EH’ing them now.

Rollbar thanked the PAX for supporting JDRF. The link is on his Twitter.

TC asked to keep those of the PAX who are having a rough spot with their M in your prayers. And to keep accelerating in your relationship with your own M.

The PAX welcomed Wait Time back to Omaha. Wait Time thanked the PAX for the support he received while away, and for all those who stepped up to help lead.

Honey Stringer encouraged the PAX to think about our new Fathers (Bubble, OMT, and Lemon Law) and possibly support them if you are capable, possibly a meal or two. There are a lot of dads who can relate to the sleepless nights and continued responsibilities of life.


Borland told the PAX that he wasn’t really sure what his COT would be this week until Mass this past weekend when he heard the second reading which was from Roman Chapter 5, Verses 3-5. It really struck a chord with Borland. “we…boast of our afflictions, knowing that affliction produces endurance, and endurance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint….” Borland related that when he’s made it through a tough workout he tends to let other know how hard it was and how sore he was. Borland believes the reason is because he’s fighting against the Sad Clown syndrome, trying to get to that point of Hope which F3 has presented to us. No one ever said getting right was easy, but the harder you work at it the more hope there is of accomplishing that end goal. Borland thanked all of the PAX for helping him get to “Hope” with the encouraging word, and the helping hand up, and for coming out every morning because while laying in bed thinking about Fart-Sacking we all know the PAX is going to be out here getting right, that’s when the FOMO really kicks in.

Borland also encouraged the PAX to check out the link Plague shared from the Art of Manliness article “How to Create a Life Long Brotherhood”. There are many parallels with F3 which provides us with the frame work for an amazing Brotherhood.

Keep striving to get right and achieve that point of “Hope”, the Brotherhood of our PAX will help you get there. No Man left behind, No Man left where we found him.

Aye! -Borland

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