May 15, 2019 | Heavy Metal AO | Stinson Park | Temperature: 65 and Sunny
PAX: Swinger, Ponzi, Honey Stinger, Lightyear, Safe Ride, Picabo, Selleck, Brazilian, TC (The Cure) (RESPECT!), Polaroid, Borland, Folsom, Cyclone (RESPECT!), and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time
With the sweet sands of Chet Atkins’ “Mr. Sandman,” YHC greeted the PAX on the Stinson Park with very little small talk. After reviewing the disclaimer and F3 mission statement, the F3Omaha Sandinistas launched into a sandstorm with no Warm-a-rama, because in the desert it is not warm – it is hot and sandy.
The Sandinistas circled up on the stage with weights in hand. Two sand bags were located at the entrance of the stage. The Sandinistas did a series of exercises. With each exercise, two Sandinistas carried a 60-70 lb bag of sand to the top of the wall along Center Street. The exercise ended when the Sandinistas returned with the sandbags, and two more men grabbed the bags and ventured to the wall. The Sandinistas cycled through the exercises nearly two times.

Military Press x 2 | Curls x 2 | Big Boy Sit-up x 2 | Kettle Bell Swing x 2 | Crab Cakes x 2 | Table Press x 2 | Crucible Merkin x 2 | Full Body Crunch x 2 | Lunge with Twist x 2 | Plank O’ Rama | T-bar Push-up x 2 | American Hammer x 2 | Curls x 1 |Dead Lift x 1 | Burpee x 1 | Bent Row x 1 | Tricep Extension x 1 | E2K x 1 | Copperhead Squat x 1 | Pickle Pusher x 1

Music is integral to Heavy Metal, so here is the playlist:
Bang Your Head/Quiet Riot (Pre-workout)
My Friend/Baskerville (Pre-Workout)
Mister Sandman/Chet Atkins (Kick-off)
Enter Sandman/Metallica
Castles Made of Sand/Jimi Hendrix Experience
Jailbreak/Thin Lizzy
Millionaires/Queens of the Stone Age
Good Times Bad Times/Led Zeppelin
Rockin’ the Free World/Neil Young
How You Like Me Now/The Heavy
Gold on the Ceiling/The Black Keys
1969/The Stooges
You’re Gonna Miss Me/13th Floor Elevators

Mustaches for Kids. Selleck announced that M4K have raised more than $200K for “Angels Among Us.” They are on a record pace. There’s still time to donate to several F3Omaha growers: Selleck, Room Service, Wide Right or the Godfather.
CSAUP – THE BULL. Ponzi reminded the PAX about Sunday’s CSAUP. PAX launch from Memorial Park at 6 AM. Workout finishes in Regency at Paradise Island.
Picabo Update. PAX celebrated Picabo’s news that he successfully purchased a tree care business.

YHC shared the love of building sandcastles when on a beach vacation. I hope my kids never outgrow a willingness to build sandcastles, because it is my favorite part of going to the beach. Building sandcastles is a craft that requires you to detach from what you construct because most sandcastles disappear in 24 hours or less. It is strange how I don’t mind that my workmanship has such a temporary existence, yet it is so difficult to feel that way about other work that I do in life. For people like Picabo (shout out on your new business) and me, we have experienced our professional “sandcastles” being destroyed. The only thing we can do is get up each day and rebuild the sand castle and refine our sandcastle building skills. YHC encourages the PAX to build a masterpiece each day, and don’t let the destruction of yesterday’s sandcastle linger into today.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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