On Tuesday, May 14, 15, wait, 16 PAX (Ric Flair is in the house…Woooooo!!!) made their way deep into the Kingdom jungle (Lake Zorinsky) on a damp, dark and eerie start to an AM BBQ in the gloom. Tater Tot and Bruiser Keelie greeted the men with a subtle bonfire amongst a circle of friendly coupons that awaited them. At that point the term “cult” quickly crept back into many minds that may have questioned F3 initially. Tater Tot gave a short intro while Kenny Chesney lightly played in the background and then Tater Tot asked the PAX to choose their favorite looking coupon (35lb cinder blocks or 30lb retaining wall blocks that Tater Tot grabbed off his own wall..) as they would become close friends over the next 43 minutes. No FNG’s so a coupon filled mosey around what would later become “The Ring of Fire” path and then right into Warm-a-rama

PAX: Wait Time, 50 (Respect!) I mean TC.., Chaz (Hate!), Bubbles (Hate!), Blue Suede, FDIC, Ric Flair (WHOOOW!), Rollbar, Merch, The Plague, D-League (Hate!), Hard Hat, Crab Cakes, Tonight Show, Slow Roast, Tater Tot/Keelie.

Warm-a-rama: -Tried to do everything a little more concentrated and slowed down.

Copperhead side straddle air squats – 25 IC

Slow Tappy Taps -10 IC

Copperhead Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Copperhead Pickle Pushers IC

Peter Parker Copperhead merkins IC

Step up jumps – 20 each leg

The Thang (Ring of Fire) – Tater Tot had some internal pressure to come up with a good way to find cardio for those that were concerned about a Bruiser led workout not getting the heart rate as high as they would like but knew the coupons would help. Four cones were set up roughly 75’ apart and PAX moved from cone station to cone station completing body inferno exercises.

– Lunge to cone 100’ with coupon

Overhead press 15/10/5 low and slow

Side to side Merkins 15/10/5 low and slow

– Over head Lunge to cone 100’

Bent on over rows 15/10/5 low and slow

Chest press 15/10/5 low and slow

– Side Shuffle to cone 100’

5 Blockees (Burpees with Coupon) 4 count

Chill cut hold in between (four PAX have 15 second counts)

– Walk to Gazebo

Picnic table style step ups with coupons (10 each leg and some chose to put the coupon above their head)

Derkins 15/10/5 IC

5 Blockees (Burpees with Coupon) 4 count

One last coupon walk around The Ring of Fire and then a drop off at Taters car followed by a bear crawls (Thanks Crab Cakes) back to Mary where we started.


Windshield Wipers – it wasn’t raining, yet Flutter kicks Big Boy Sit-ups IC American Hammer – Each PAX did three and move to the next finish with a total of 50 (Tater Tot did 4 for the event number)


Announcements – VQ Week. Plague still looking to fill Paradise and Tater Tot encouraged Greek Freak to VQ at the District Murph and took him away for VQ’ing at Paradise. 

CSAUP reminder – May 19. Do it!

Prayers – Tater Tot reminded the PAX that although they might not want to share a prayer out loud at  times, take a moment and say a prayer or prayers throughout the day to themselves.

Low and Slow — In the world of cooking meats, specifically in smoking BBQ, magic is found in honoring the process and time it takes to develop the flavors, break down the intermuscular tissues, and allow for the smoke to seep its way into the flesh. There are ways to try to hack the system, however at the end of the day, it just doesn’t turn out quite the same. Things take time, so let’s appreciate the process we take in getting there — relationships take time, building sustainable businesses takes time, losing weight (the right way) takes time, dealing with pain and loss takes time. You can try to find a path that gets you there faster, though along the way, you are bound to skip over some key steps — it’s just not the same. Life takes time.

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