February 20, 2019, Stinson Park, AO- Heavy Metal, a balmy 25 degrees.

Pax: Brazilian, Big One, Folsom

Q: Folsom

As the PAX were unloading their heavy metal the PAX from Paradise Island moseyed up and we merged for a round of monkey humpers before they disappeared off in the snowstorm.  The mission statement was mentioned as well as the disclaimer, but the PAX were old hats at this so Foslom quickly got to the warm up.  It should be noted that it had been snowing for about 12 hours before tip-off and the drive was a slick and slow one.  Rumor was Folson was going to move the AO to his driveway and use the hashtag “bringshovels”.  T-Claps to these 3 metalheads for showing up! 

Warm O’ Rama

Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20.

Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards

Side Lunges ICx12

Don Quixote ICx12

The Thang: Today’s beatdown was focused on working opposing muscles in a descending/ascending 5 rep step superset system.  Total reps added up to 25.  In other words, the PAX did 20 Merkens, 5 Rows, 20 Squats, 5 Dead Lifts, 25 American Hammers, and 25 Side, Straddle, Hops.  Then 15 Merkens, 10 Rows, etc., until finishing with 5 Merkens, and 20 Rows, etc.  Then the PAX moved on to the next superset. 

1st Superset  

Upper:  Merkens/Bent Over Rows=25

Lower: Squats/Dead Lifts = 25

Core: American Hammers=25

Warmth: Side, Straddle, Hop=25

2nd Superset

Upper: Military Press/Up Right Rows=25

Lower: Jump Squats/Wide Leg Dead Lifts=25

Core: LBC’s=25

Warmth: High Knees=25

3rd Superset: An audible was called due to time so the PAX finished with curls for the girls at Big One’s request.  There was three 21 gun salutes spaced with 25 overhead triceps presses. 

COT: Folsom lead the PAX in a brief philosophical/historical discussion about the first F3 QIC, Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor, 161 to 180 A.D.  He was known as “The Philosopher” and was raised in the school of Stoicism.


  1. The endurance of pain or hardship without the display of feelings and without complaint.
  2. An ancient Greek school of philosophy founded at Athens by Zeno of Citium. The school taught among other things an indifference to the vicissitudes of fortune and to pleasure and pain.

Have you said any of these? 

“I was just born this way.”  “I never learned anything different.”  “My parents set a terrible example.”—Excuses that people use to justify staying as they are instead of striving to become better.

Quote: “The impediment to Action advances Action.  What stands in the way becomes the Way.” – Marcus Aurelius

The PAX hoped back in their horse drawn sleighs to join Paradise Island for coffeteria at Kum & Go because Starbucks isn’t hardcore like Heavy Metal and wasn’t open due to the storm. 

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