February 19, 2019 | AO – Cornhusker Handicap | Stinson Park | 0° (feels like temp – less than 0°)

PAX: The Plague, Wait Time, Borland, Khakis (RESPECT), Placebo, Honey Stinger, Biggie Smalls, Saul, OMT, No Doze, Big One, Lowman, Ponzi, Selleck, Brazilian, Peek-a-boo, Bubbles, Tater Tot

QIC: Room Service – VQ

Room Service greeted the 19 PAX, shared the F3 mission statement and disclaimer.  Since temps were horrible, the PAX moseyed to the parking garage (winter quarters) up to floor 2 to begin warm-a-rama.


SSH – 30 IC

Tater taps (side to side) – 12 IC (why 12…WHY NOT!)

Finkle swings – 10 IC/leg

Sun gods – 10 IC forward/10 IC backward

Cherry pickers – 15 IC

Moving up

After Warm-A-Rama the PAX lunged up to level 3 where they were greeted with a Crowd Pleaser (1 merkin : 1 groiner) went up to 5:5 and then worked their way back down to 1:1.  At this point, hands were beginning to warm up

Next the PAX side shuffled up to level 4 where they performed 20 merkins, now that we were at the correct altitude we began the thang

The Thang

The PAX counted off in groups of 4 and began each station, after Room Service misplaced his compass the PAX were eventually directed to the correct corners of the garage:

Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 4
Merkin – 15Hand Release Merkin – 15Werkin – 15Carolina Dry Dock – 15
Air Squat – 20Bobby Hurley – 15Copperhead Squat – 15 ICLunge – 10/leg
LBC – 20 ICFreddy Mercury – 20 ICBig Boy – 15Luge – 15 IC
Calf Raise – 30High Knees – 20 ICJump Tuck – 15SSH – 20 IC
Side shuffle to 2Side shuffle to 3Side shuffle to 4Run to 1

Next, the PAX moseyed outside to pay tribute to Mary.


Dying cockroach – 15 IC

Resurrecting cockroach – 15 IC

E2K – 10 IC each side

American hammer 4 X 10IC w/10 second rest in between

COTRoom service shared a quote he grew up with, it has been attributed to Albert Einstein but was prevalent throughout his life as it was a beautiful 1970’s cross-stitched piece of work his mom had created.  The saying goes: Learn from yesterday, live for today, dream for tomorrow.  It is a simple reminder that the Q uses from time to time to stay on track.  Living for today seems easy but at times can get lost and days go by with just going through the motions.  As for dreaming for tomorrow, there is still time and I encourage everyone to go out and chase what they are passionate about.  We have been blessed with able bodies and able minds, so take a chance.


  • Saul will announce by 8PM the status of Paradise Island for Feb 20…snowmageddon 4.0 is coming and may be forced to move indoors.  
  • TAPs for TC to continue on his road to recovery
  • TAPs for all PAX dealing with nagging injuries and seasonal illnesses brought on by this never ending winter
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