August 16, 2019//Burke High School//AO- The Golden Spike//64 gorgeous degrees//

26 Pax: Wait Time, Hard Hat, Roll Bar, Vandelay, FDIC, Dufresne, Selleck, Tonight Show, Tater Tot, Pablo, Tuna Fish, Tin Cup, Phone Home, Crocs, Kerrigan, Ascot, Big One, Saul, Honey Badger, The Curse, Room Service, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch, Jean Claude, Danielson, and Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered at the shovelflags. Beforehand some ran, I hope they regretted that, some yoga’d. The FNG was spotted and welcomed. The mission statement was made; the disclaimer was made; the beatdown was begun. Folsom lead the PAX on ¾ of a lap

Red Bull Warm O’ Rama(go as quickly as possible)

  1. Butt Kickers, ICx20
  2. High Knees ICx20
  3. Tappy Taps, ICx10
  4. Shoulder Taps ICx20
  5. Mountain Climbers ICx20
  6. Merkins x10
  7. Copperhead Squats ICx15

The Thang: 11’s

Folsom had the PAX line up on one sideline of the football field and explained the beatdown thusly: First, perform 10 burpees here. Second, run to the far sideline and perform 1 leg lift there. (See how that adds up to 11?!!) Third, run back to the sideline and perform 9 burpees, etc. all the way to 1 burpee and 10 leg lifts. Next the PAX kept the 11’s going with 10 Bobby Hurley’s down to 1 and 1 Big Boy Sit Up up to 10. A couple of Sugar Rays got through all that and planked until Folsom called Omaha, he personally had gotten up to 8 Big Boys before calling Omaha.

MOM (Actually and exactly 6 minutes long today)

  1. Chill Cut for 60 seconds
  2. Flutter Kicks for 60 seconds
  3. Heal Touches for 60 seconds
  4. Chill Cut for 60 seconds
  5. Reverse Crunches (Feet to Heaven) for 60 seconds
  6. LBC’s for 60 seconds

Announcements/Prayers:  Waffle House has moved to Madonna Rehabilitation Center in Lincoln, NE. He is accepting visitors after 4 p.m. We continue to pray for him and his family and friends as he recovers from his biking accident. Next Saturday is the Juvenile Diabetes walk; contact Roll Bar if you’re interested in donating or walking or both.

COT: Folsom told the PAX why he thinks Captain Marvel is the best superhero movie ever. First, he asked for a showing of hands of who has a daughter; an overwhelming majority of the PAX raised a hand. Folsom’s daughter, Potato Salad a.k.a. Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, celebrated her 8th birthday earlier this week. Folsom explained the burden that only other fathers of daughters can understand when it comes to raising a daughter. Chris Rock put it best when he said our job is to give them enough hugs so they know they are loved and they stay off the pole. Anyway, for her birthday Folsom and his kids watched Captain Marvel and Folsom couldn’t wait to watch it with her. The titular hero is female; Folsom loves to see strong female role models for his daughter. But the most important part to Folsom is the climactic scene when Captain Marvel looks like she’s beat and she flashes back to all the times in her life when she fell down, or got knocked down, and got told she couldn’t do something because she’s just a girl. As the scenes play out a second time they show her getting back up, every time. After every crash on her bike, her go cart, the ropes in basic training, the asshole pilot telling she can’t fly because she’s too emotional, she gets back up and does the very thing they tell her she can’t. Every time she got knocked down she got back up. That’s when she realizes she had the power all along to win the fight. Folsom made a point to explain how important of a lesson that is to his daughter and suggested all the PAX do the same with their kids. In conclusion, it isn’t even close to the best Marvel movie, but it’s the best superhero movie because of the great lesson it shows to little girls everywhere.

Aye- Folsom

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