The Woodshed – Anger Management August 16, 2019/AO – The Woodshed/Temperature: A pleasant 63.

Pax: Smashmouth, Fire Walker, Peekaboo, Whiplash (Respect! Respect! Respect!), The Plague, Polaroid, Spackler (Hate!), STELLA, TBird, Truss, Lucky Charms, Clorox (Hate!), Khakis (Respect!), Armbar, Ponzi, Bubbles (Hate!), Honey Stinger, Gunner, Baby Grand, Safe Ride.

Q: Safe Ride.

Safe Ride promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30. The Mission Statement and Disclaimer were given. Then Anger Management commenced.

WARM-A-RAMA: The PAX moseyed from the shovel flags to the grotto. Once at the location, the following exercises were performed: 1. SSH x 20 IC 2. Dips x 25 3. Chinooks x 10 IC forwards then backwards 4. Randys x 15 IC 5. Mountain Man Poopers a/k/a Ponzis x 10 IC 6. Dips x 25

THE PRE-THANG: The PAX moseyed from the Grotto to the corner of the four way stop sign. As it turns out, some people (cough, The Plague, cough) have some difficulty with directions and/or counting to four. In any event, we found our way to the location. Once there, the group then performed 20 shoulder taps IC. This was immediately followed by 20 plank jacks IC. 15 shoulder taps and plank jacks followed.

THE THANG: The PAX continued its mosey up to the stairs on UNO’s campus. HIM were split into four groups. 3 groups performed exercises at three different stations while the fourth ran to the top of the stairs and back down to relieve group 1. Each group then pushed the next. The exercises performed at each station were as follows: Station 1: Merkins, Werkins, Derkins, Burpees.

Station 2: Squats, Lunges, Monkey Humpers, Bobby Hurleys.

Station 3: LBCs, Big Boy Situps, Freddie Mercuries, Flutter Kicks.

Safe Ride called Omaha at 6:04am and the PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags.

MOM: Once back at the flags the following exercises were performed:

1. Marge & Homer

2. James Bonds

3. American Hammers x 52 IC

COT: Safe Ride read the following quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “You can’t change how people treat you or what they say about you. All you can do is change how you react to it.” It’s easy to let another person’s actions, words, etc.. negatively impact your life. However, you cannot change how people act. You can only control yourself and your reaction.


– 3rd F today at the Heart Ministry Center Food Pantry. There are two shifts (9-11 and 11-1pm). Show up if you can.

– Update on Waffle House. He was moved from the ICU to the hospital, and then transitioned to the rehab facility in Lincoln. Although the GoFundMe goal has been met the PAX is encouraged to continue contributing, even if its $5.

– Whiplash informed us that the Base 2 Space run is happening in Seattle on September 29th. It’s a stair climb/run up the Space Needle. F3 Seattle has a good group of HIM participating. This sounds awesome.

– 2nd F happening on September 14th at Milts. It will be a two club only round of golf. The putter counts as one of the clubs so choose wisely. If you’re interested in participating, please let Ponzi know ASAP. – The Colosseum opens August 27th.

The Plague took us out in prayer.

Goosfraba!! Safe Ride

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