F3 Golden Spike 

July 26th, 2019

71 degrees and breezy. 


15 HIMS were pressed hard in this workout. In attendance:  Khakis, Novocain, Stretch, Sasquash, Room Service, Wait Time, John Claude, Hard Hat, Saul, Low Man, Tri-Delt, Squidward, Blood Shot, Placebo 


On The Q: Blue Suede



Run 400m 


String Rippers 15IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC 


Pre-Thing: Called Hound Dog (since I’m Blue Suede but official name is Junk Yard Dog)


Pax partner up and have one guy setting up on their six with their arms raised out to their sides. The other pax jumps makes 3 jumps starting with the one arm then over the legs and then over the other arm. Each pax does this around the pax on the ground 10 times and they they switch until both have completed 10 times around. 


Next one pax planks while the other jumps over the top of the one in the plank position. After jumping over, the pax then crawls back under the pax that is planking. Each pax does both of these movement until he completes 10 times. 

The Thang – 7 of Diamonds 


The Thing: Around the World 

I had been gone out of the country for the last couple of weeks so I decided that I would give the pax a taste of what I did while I was away. While I was away, I had limited space and resources so I used a sweat deck daily, if interested can be purchased through F3 Nation website. So I set up 4 stations around the football fieldeach station focused on a target exercise group: core, upper body, lower body and cardio. Each of the stations had 5 cards in a tray showing the workout that would be completed. The cards were J, Q, K, A, and a card that showed how to get from one station to the next. Each card had a workout on it and the pax were to complete 25 reps of each of the face cards and 100 reps for the Aces. Each pax would do one card at their first station and then would do the transition movement and then do the same at the other 3 stations. We started with Jacks and progressed toward Aces. After completing the same face card at each station the pax ran a 400m lap. So when each pax group finished Jacks they ran 400 then Queens another 400m then Kings another 400m and finally Aces. While doing the Aces the Q had to call Omaha due to being out of time. 




Blue Suede 


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