July 30, 2019 | Cornhusker Handicap | Stinson Park AO | 64 degrees and clear

PAX: Cyclone, Twin Peaks, FNG-Taylor (Care Bear), Bloodshot, Firewalker, Father Time, Kielbasa, Jean Claude, FNG-Tony (Sump Pump), Khakis, Folsom, Huffy, Clorox, Wario, GUT, Smashmouth, Safe Ride, Bubbles, Crawl, The Plague, Tenderfoot, Toadstool, Picabo, TC, FNG-Matt (Tin Cup), Spackler, Pablo, Trademark, Stella, OMT, Tater Tot, and Wait Time
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed 32 PAX including three FNGs (New Cornhusker Handicap record!) – nice work men! After sharing the F3 mission and the disclaimer, YHC led the PAX to Baxter Arena for Warm-A-Rama. On the way, The Plague did a body check on a trash can but recovered gracefully. Lots of traffic during the mosey!

Hillbillies x 20 IC | Don Quixote x 12 IC | Moroccan Night Clubs x 15 IC | Plank Exercise (needs a name): Extend right arm and left leg simultaneously and alternate with left arm and right leg in a four-count exercise x 15 IC | Shoulder Tap x 20 IC | Mountain Climber x 20 IC
PAX ran a lap around the Baxter Arena parking lot before stopping in front of Baxter Arena sign for Pre-Thang.

Pre-Thang: STEINL (crowdpleaser)
30 Count Plank | 30 Count Chilcutt | 10 Merkins | Amazing Spiderman (L) x 10 IC | 10 Merkins | 30 Count Plank | 30 Count Chilcutt | 10 Merkins | Amazing Spiderman (R) x 10 IC | 10 Merkins

PAX crossed Center Street and returned to the Stinson Park monument for THE THANG.


Take A Load Off Fanny, Take a Load for Free, Take a Load Off Fanny, And(and)(and) you put the load right on me.” – THE BAND

YHC gathered the PAX for the THANG. Everyone circled up near the monument. Three PAX were instructed to shoulder one of the three large sand bags. The trio carried the 60-70 lb sand bag around the Stinson Park flower bed and completed 10 squats with the bag upon return. When they were finished with the squats, they took a load off Fanny and put the load right on another PAX. Each time a trio shouldered the sand bags, a new exercise was completed by the rest of the PAX. These exercises were completed AMRAP:

Turkish Get-ups | Dry Docks | Gas Pumpers | Monkey Humpers | Burpees | Cherry Pickers | Box Cutters | Bobby Hurleys | Crab Cakes | Werkins | Heels to Heaven | Lunges |

YHC called Omaha, and directed the PAX to bear crawl to the shovel flag for 6MOM.

E2K x 10 IC (each leg) | Pickle Pusher x 20 IC | Heel Touch x 15 IC | American Hammer x 30 (3 sets) IC

Taco Ride. The TACO Bike Ride is Thursday. Anyone interested in joining, contact Lowman.
Third F Donations for Children’s Square: The deadline for donations to Children’s Square is tomorrow. Folsom is collecting the items. Check out Folsom’s Twitter feed for the entire list. Folsom also organizing a time that PAX will volunteer at Children’s Square.
First Friday Second F Lunch: The August First Friday Second F Lunch is this Friday, August 2 at Westroads. PAX will gather at Flagship Commons from 11:45AM-1:30 (come and go as available).

Wario’s 2.0. Continued prayers for Wario’s son as he recovers from surgery.
Honey Brothers’ mom. Continue to prayer for Honey Stinger and Honey Badger’s mom. She continues to undergo chemotherapy treatment.
Wait Time’s Mother In Law. Wait Time’s Mother In Law, Martha, continues to undergo radiation therapy.


YHC shared a quote: “It’s not the load the breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.” If you are attempting to carry the load by yourself, you may not being doing it right. During the workout, we had to put the load on another member of the PAX because we could not shoulder the sand bags alone. Often, I don’t easily ask for help carrying the load. I encourage the PAX not to carry their burden alone. In the circle of trust, you almost always find someone who understands your burdens and is currently facing a similar challenge (or has so in the past). Many times, when you share something in the COT, you cannot walk back to your car without another member of the PAX sharing that they understand the weight you are carrying. Appreciate the support the PAX provides all the F3 brothers in carrying the weight.

The Plague ended the workout with a prayer.

Grace and Peace,

Wait Time

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Cornhusker Handicap

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