Weather: 24 Degrees F, No wind at Futurama!  Wow!!

PAX [18 HIM]:  Flying V, Rocket, Hipster [Respect x 3], E-85 [Hate], Sandy Cheeks [Hate], Stitches, Beeps, Good Lookin’, Polaroid, Hindsight, Frosty [Respect], Demogorgon, Samples [Respect], Othello, Sputnik, Bloodshot, Hoser, & Doll Face [Respect]

QIC:  Doll Face – 56th Birthday today!

Warm-o-rama & the Thang all rolled up together:

  1. Arm across chest stretch (10 Seconds for each arm)
  2. Bend over and grab your ankles – 20 seconds (#1 and # 2 were done while we waited for two HIM coming in hot)
  3. Mosey from shovel flags on the road to the back entrance of the monument, down into the middle raised garden bed/flag pole.
  4. Big Ones – 10 each
  5. Catcher Squat – with elbows push out at your knees – 20 seconds.
  6. Standing Snow Angels w/side lunge, alternating legs – 10 IC
  7. Inchworms – Out to plank then 5 Merkins, & crawl with hands back to feet and stand; 5 EA
  8. Monkey Humpers – 20 IC (Othello led the cadence)
  9. Bear Crawl around the planter/stop where you started.  Move to flowerbed wall – 28 Incline Merkins, rinse repeat in the opposite direction.
  10. Mosey to the street and circle back around to the rear of the monument, where we started. 
  11. Dips – 28 each
  12. Crab Cakes – 10 IC
  13. Dips – 28 each
  14. Crab Cakes – 10 IC
  15. Mosey to the street and circle back around to the rear of the monument back to where we started. 
  16. Squats:
    1. Full up to ½ down – 15 EA
    1. ½ up to Full down – 15 EA
    1. Full up to Full Down – 15 EA
    1. Jump Squats – 11 IC (1 down, 2 stay down, 3 jump, 4 PAX counts at full stand)
  17. Really Frozen Freddies – hold the count for 5 seconds for each leg (10 EA)
  18. Frozen Freddies IC – 15
  19. Crab-walk around the flower bed 1 time.
  20. Mosey to the street and circle back around to the rear of the monument back to where we started. 
  21. 4 x 4s:  Burpee with 4 Merkins + 4 Mountain Climbers; 5 EA
  22. Body Builders – 8 count Burpee with plank jack; 5 EA
  23. Mosey to the shovel flags for Name-o-rama.


As I look back on 56 years on this earth this week I pause and consider the fact that I have lived through almost 6 decades.  During those years I progressed in learning new things.  Some things I learned for the first time, and other things I learned how to do things better, or I’ve learned that those who taught me things incorrectly and I have had to learn things all over again in order to move ahead.

As a child, I learned to walk, talk, read, write, play, and love.  As I grew older, I learned about life: the good times and the bad, the happy times and the sad.  I’ve learned how to cope with sunshine and the rain, the joys and the pain, good people and bad, and those who just make me mad.  I have learned about facts and figures, science, and history.  And I admit that I am still learning to understand women, they are such a mystery.

I want to encourage each of you here today, never to stop yearning for learning.  Keep reading, keep researching, and keep discovering new things to improve your life and others that God puts in your path. 

Close in prayer.

Doll Face


Coff-a-teria:  Scooters      

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