AO: Futurama  

April 13th, 2023

61 degrees, very breezy, clear skies, half-moon. Gorgeous.

PAX- Demagorgan, Hoser, Flying V, Rocket, Sweet Sweet, Stitches, Beeps, E85, Low Five, Othello, Spreadsheet, Joe Buck, Good-looking, Kielbasa, DaVinci, Cyclone, Lemu, Green Street, Scoober, Rancid

Q: Roadhouse

It was 10:15 PM Wednesday night and the bartender asked if I wanted another drink. I had already had a few more than I planned and it turns out the IPAs I started out with were in fact, Double IPAs. I was starting to feel it and the alarm that was set for 4:30 AM was screaming in my head, “GO HOME!”. I looked deep into the windows of her soul and said, “One more….” This would later come back to bite me…

The blaring of the alarm bounced around my skull like a super ball in an airplane bathroom. I reached for the phone cursing at the very idea of getting up. I grabbed it in my hand, turned off the alarm and threw the phone across the room. My head fell back onto the pillow. And then it hit me… I was Qing… FUCK…

I staggered out of bed and started getting dressed, very slowly. I was thankful that spring was here because if I had to get ready for a winter workout, I am not sure I would have made it… I stumbled into the bathroom to brush my teeth. This would tell me a lot about my status. Would I be throwing up this morning? Or just feel like shit…?

I got through the brushing without puking and headed towards the kitchen. I grabbed 4 bottles of water, my car keys, my weinkes and a plastic bag just in case I had to puke in the car.

The drive to Future was calm. Quiet, No music. No podcast. Just the sound of the morning. I pulled into Memorial Park at 5:13. As I pulled around the circle drive, something looked different. Oh, the entire site was under construction. Got it. Information that would have been helpful…. YESTERDAY! I pulled up to the curb and looked at my workout. The entire plan was in the area that was now dug up and fenced off. And between you and me, my brain was not in a great place to be thinking on the fly….

I walked around a bit to find a new place to lead the workout and found a steep hill on the eats side of the park. She will do… She will do.

At 5:30, we had 21 guys and the mood was jovial. I looked around and saw Kielbasa, the same guy I was out drinking with the night before. He looked great, rested, energetic. Fuck I miss being young. I welcomed the rest of the group, told them I was hungover and thanked Demagrogan for the heads up on the site construction… I hit the 3Fs, forgot the mission, but nailed the 5 core principles. Then I asked the group to  mosey and circle up around the flag pole for some Warm-a-rama!


SSH’s 9 out loud, 11 in silence. There was something about doing the silent SSH’s at the Memorial that felt really powerful. Or maybe that was the booze…

Big Ones 10 each leg

Imperial Walkers 15 IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Goof Balls 15 IC- Othello led these because he is the best at them! I love you O!

Pre Thang: Beaver Run

After WAR, I told the group we were going to do a Beaver run. A run to Underwood street with our arms either straight up in the air or straight out in front of us, depending on my instructions. We would also stop and drop for 10 merkins at different points along the way.

We stayed together on the run and eventually made it back to where we started. It was time for the Thang. We were going to grind…


Partner up. One guy will do core exercises at the top of the while the other guy runs down the hill and does set of 10 Merkins by the tree of life.

Bottom of Hill:

10 Merkins

10 Werkins

10 Ranger Merkins

10 Diamond

10 Chucks

Top of the Hill: AMRAP

Flutter Kicks

Star Fish Crunches

Freddy Mercuries


Box Cutters


Heels to Heaven

For the Thang, we had an odd number so I had the good fortune of hopping in with Sweet Sweet and Low Five. At one point Sweet Sweet and I were doing core and Low Five came up the hill and extended both hands to us. He pulled us both up to our feet. This guy is pretty good with both hands. Interesting…

At 6:05, Omaha was called. I led the PAX through a reflection at the top of the hill. We identified emotions we wanted to let go and then ones we wanted to take on our journey. Between us, I was exhausted and just needed to lay down for a while after that bullshit hill.

We then moseyed back to the flags and circled up in the grass for Mary.


American Hammer Rancid Style- 21


Name-o-rama went pretty smooth. The highlight were Keilbasa’s Bateman like hair and Othello’s incredible energy.


Five year anniversary on Aprill 22nd at the Oracle. Be there.

Lots of Second F opportunities next week. Check it out.

Prayer Requests:

A baby was born

A neighbor was sick

Some PAX members are going through some shit.


Growing up, I played a lot of sports and in sports you either win or lose. And between us, I lost a lot. And those losses stuck with me, they impacted me, they held me back. But I have recently found a new lens to look through when it comes to life and that is a Win or Learn mentality. And it has changed everything.

Think about if you looked at every day as either winning or learning to win. Think about how you would feel as you lay your head on that pillow at night knowing that won or you learned. What a way to look at life. It wouldn’t be about success or failure, it would be about learning and getting better.

You see, I have made a lot of mistakes in my life. (See attached 803-page document for full list). And mistakes are ok. We are human. But mistakes can only be a good thing if we learn from them. If we don’t learn from them, it is tragic.

Think about all the time and energy we waste when we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. Think about the missed opportunity when we don’t learn from those moments where things don’t go as well as we hoped.

So here is what I want you to reflect on this week. What are you learning from your mistakes. Are you learning from your mistakes? Because here is the thing; making mistakes is totally ok but making them twice…. Well, that isn’t!

Go win or learn to win this week!

I love you guys!

Roadhouse, CLB

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  • Great post! I loved the storytelling and the reflection at the end about learning from mistakes. It’s such an important mindset to have. My question is, how did the workout turn out despite the unexpected construction at the site? Did the group adapt well to the new location?

    y. e

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