February 10, 2023 

PAX (20): Little House, Griswold, Ditty, Long Neck, Lite-Brite, Pain Killer, Bambi, Stripes, Hoser, Q-Tip, Da Fridge, Kickstand, Tardy, Tea Party, Jump Street, Smelly Cat, Speed Square, Peg Leg, Lincoln Logs, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Weather: Feels like 9 degrees, clear skies, not much wind. 

Welcome: At 5:16 all PAX were welcomed. No new guys. Most of the intro was provided while some stragglers were making their way to the flags.  

We walked up the hill to 180th street with the remaining introduction provided as we walked. We lined the sidewalk and proceeded to warm up with Monkey Humpers, 20 IC, with cheeks to the street. We then did a Bruiser Friendly Do-ah-diddy. In lieu of running, we lunge walked. The guy at the front of the line did Merkins, until the line passed him and he became the 6. He’d yell “6”, then the next front guy would do merkins, and so on as we worked our way around the fence to get access to the turf field. Due to the number of guys, we formed two lines for this, and the sidewalk seemed to go on forever. We switched up the lunges to crab walk once we were able to turn the corner to head towards the field. Once we got past the fence, it was obvious that almost everyone was tired of this bullshit, so we just walked the rest of the way onto the field. 

Once we were on the turf, we circled up for a little Broga. We did some egg roll reachy thingies, and some kitty lunge wags, and some slow dive bombers. We also did some pissing dogs, and some moon light butt chugs. We then partnered up with one partner at the bleachers, and the other partner bear crawling, crab walking, or lunging to the middle of the field. The partner at the bleachers would grab the rail and hang until relieved by his partner. The other guy once reaching midfield does 10 turkish getups, then either bear crawls, crab walks, or lunges back to relieve his partner. We got through each partner doing the hang on the bleachers, then Omaha was called. 

Since the Do-ah-diddy took so long the first time, we walked backwards back to the flags, with the modification to bear crawl down the hill once we got near the parking lot. We had just enough time to close out with a round of Rancid style hammers. 

We had announcements for the pre-run challenge, Heartland Hope, Blood Drive, Ninja Juice, On Tap, the Nugent Scholarship event, and probably some other stuff I don’t remember. We had prayers for Yogi and Rowdy and their family. We also had a Nugent flag pass from Lincoln Logs to Q-tip. From there, I went into the COT, which had nothing to do with cats or dogs, and not much to do with the workout, which was more based upon the Q point, Preparedness, that we would discuss following the COT over coffee. I wanted to share with the group a tale of leadership growth. It starts with a man that discovered this thing called F3. He was hesitant to really jump into things, and only posted a couple days a week for a while. After two months in the group he’d worked his way up to roughly three days a week, and some guy told him he should do a VQ. This man felt like he wasn’t quite ready for it, but also realized that if he wanted to continue hanging out with these guys in the morning gloom, he’d have to eventually lead a workout. He planned a lot, lead his first workout, thought it went terribly, but was assured that it was fine. It was a huge relief to have it over with. He continued on with his routine of posting a few days a week, took a couple month hiatus after getting a puppy, got back into his routine and so on. One day, a family issue came up and he asked for prayers. It felt really weird asking for prayers. The PAX prayed for him and his family. They’d ask him everytime they saw him for the next couple weeks how things were going. It still felt weird, but in a good way. He eventually led his 2nd workout. Two other guys showed up. This was 9 months after he started in F3. It still felt weird leading a workout. More guys started asking him to Q. So, he kept leading workouts every once in a while, though the frequency was getting better than the start. After leading his 5th or 6th workout, he was asked what he thought about being a site Q. He didn’t feel ready, said such, and was informed that he’d be taking over as a site Q in a month. The flag pass felt weird, just like many of his previous Q’s. He didn’t really know what to say when accepting the flag. One thing that he did know as he led more workouts though, was that he was getting better at leading, had growing confidence, and those things were rubbing off in other parts of his life. There were highs and lows along the way. Some days or weeks life would just be kind of shitty. The thing was though, if he had a Q, he knew that he would have to step it up and be a leader for the guys. A Q sucks if he brings his shit and negativity to a workout and spreads it to the PAX. He quickly realized that leading a workout was sometimes all he needs to get out of a funk. It was crazy how the timing worked with some of these Qs. Over the years, this continued with this man. He got good at leading workouts, sometimes even winging it, just to see how well he could throw something together on the fly. A lot of his Q’s came at times when he needed a pick-me-up. He trys not to Q too much anymore, to allow other men to experience the high that can come from leading a workout. He also has a hard time saying no, whenever a site Q asks him to lead. It was hard for this man to ask for Q’s, but he came to be comfortable with it, and never really ever regretted having to Q. I am this guy. We have a ton of newer PAX, and I assume that some of them are feeling the same way I did when I was just getting going in F3. I’ve learned the about the benefits of Qing workouts. I’ve also gotten so engulfed in F3 that I would try to do and attend everything that we had going on. It took some time, but I learned that the FOMO is real, and you just have to accept that you can’t be everywhere and attend everything, and that’s ok. My advice to all of you guys that have been doing F3 for less than 18 months. Get on the Q schedule a little more, don’t be afraid to ask for a Q spot, and don’t let FOMO eat you up. 


Hard Hat 

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