January 26th, 2023 

PAX (16): Little House, Lite-Brite, Tenderfoot, Bloodshot, Sister Act, Folsom, Wentworth, Wolverine (DR), Rosetta, Honey Maid, Biff, Rollbar, Betamax, Oompa, Griswold, Hard Hat

Q: Hard Hat

Welcome: At 5:30 the PAX were welcomed and we went through the typical intro spiel. Then we made our way onto the field where is was nice and crunchy from the snow received earlier in the week. 

Since I’m writing this 2 weeks later, I don’t recall what we did for a warmup. The rest of the workout was written down, so here it goes. 

Pre-pre-thang: Flower Merkins. There was music, and for flower merkins, we perform merkins to the lyrics of the song “Flower” by Moby. You know, green Sally up, green Sally down (I always thought it was “bring” not green, but I just checked the lyrics). This is tough, like really tough. Suck it up Sally. 

Pre-thang: The 90s. The 90’s is where you perform an exercise for 90 seconds AMRAP while listening to 90s music. We had a 10 second rest in between exercise. The list of exercises was: Ass to Grass squats, Burpees, Flutter Kicks, Raise the Roof, Nhaktar NDiayes. 

Thang: Slippery Stairs: The PAX lined up along the bottom of the bleachers and did a chain run type thing, where the guy on the end of the line lunges up the stairs, then merkin walks down the next set of stairs. The rest of the guys do AMRAP dips until he gets about halfway up the stairs, then the next guy goes. Once you get back from doing the merkin walk down, do AMRAP dips until everyone has gone through. We did this a second time, with AMRAP monkey humpers, and we modified the merkin walk down to a crawl bear down. The stairs were super icy. 

We wrapped everything up, had announcements and prayers. My COT was a tough one. I wanted to have a workout and COT with an upbeat message, but sometimes things happen in life that you can’t explain. I find it always to be really interesting when something pops into your mind, unprovoked, and then something related to it happens in your life. This recently occurred to me. The other day, I got this random thought about teen suicide. It wasn’t really negative or anything, just got me thinking a lot about sports and their impact on teens and how teens that commit suicide, if any of them maybe had some sports moment or issues that caused them enough grief, etc. that maybe compounded on other things that pushed them too far. I thought a lot about how goals with sports accomplishments could be a good thing to help teenagers get through some of the things that may bring them depression. Anyway, yesterday I found out that an old friend from high school had lost her 15 year old son to suicide. He played basketball, and I’d heard a rumor that maybe he had lost his starting spot on the team. He was just a freshman. I didn’t know this kid, but did know his parents. My heart breaks for them, but it also made me reflect a lot on how I feel about suicide. I don’t know what people that do it are going through, and unless they leave some kind of a note, I have no idea their reason for it, but I can assume that they feel as though the world would be a better place without them. If that is how they feel, they are so wrong, and selfish. They don’t realize how much pain they are putting their family and friends through when this do this. His mom is going to think about him everyday, and she is going to feel pain that might ease over time, but I doubt it will completely go away. In thinking about this, I was reminded of something my dad said when one of his friends had committed suicide. I don’t recall exactly what he said, but I remember his saying something about “chickenshit”. That stuck with me. It made me think about how people that do take their lives are choosing an easy way out of a hard situation. They won’t make the effort needed to truly solve whatever problem is dragging them down. I know not everyone is going to agree with that perspective, but I think there is value in looking at this type of situation in that light. RIP Jamisyn.


Hard Hat

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