1. Regional Nant’an – “The Q of the Region”
    • It’s his problem
    • Cheerleads the other regional leaders
  2. Regional Weasel Shaker – “The man which shakes the weasels”
    • The man that makes sure they are all doing what they are supposed to do.
    • He is a spreadsheet-loving, rule embracing, detail-oriented sort that helps to give the Nant’an the information he needs to effectively guide and make decisions on how to empower PAX to become the leaders they have been called to be.
    • Keeps his ear to the ground, and his finger on the pulse of the PAX with the Nant’an
    • For example, Wednesday numbers are really high, might be time to split the workout; or, I’ve plotted all the PAX houses on this map and it looks like we could use an AO on the other side of town
  3. Comz Q – “Can you hear me now?”
    • He makes sure the PAX stay connected to one another.
    • He understands very clearly that 2ndF does not end at the AO or at the HDHH. Part of what makes F3 work is a dedicated man to keep the drum beating so that PAX have community with one another.
    • Twitter, Slack, Email Newsletters, etc. are the tools he utilizes and implements.
    • Should be reasonably tech-savvy.
  4. 1st F Q (The Magnet Man) – “Goals are like a magnet – they pull and push.”
    • He ensures the smooth running of the AOs.
    • He makes sure that Site Qs are doing their jobs and often will hold regular meetings to do so.
    • 1st F Q also helps to plan and execute CSAUPs
    • He works with the Nant’an and WS to look at the growth of 1st F AO plants.
    • He holds regular Q Schools for new(er) PAX, for PHT.
  5. 2nd F Q (The Glue Boy) – Mr. Party Pants!
    • Whether it be HDHH, family picnics, Christmas Parties, or Coffeeteria, this is the guy who makes the donuts. The ComzQ is his best friend, as he attempts to get PAX motivated and excited about Fellowship-ing together.
  6. 3rd F Q (Dr. Dynamite) – “It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.”
    • This job is one of the tougher ones… the 3rd F Q really needs to understand the needs and wants of his PAX.
    • He can plant anything from a weekly Bible Study to an open discussion group to a regular community service opportunity for PAX. His role is the essence of the real mission of F3. Male COMMUNITY Leadership!
    • It’s ambiguous on purpose, like a Liger, but it needs to make IMPACT.
  7. Site/AO Qs – “Where the rubber meets the road.”
    • The F3 Ambassadors! Every man’s first impression of F3 will likely be guided by the work of these men.
    • He makes sure that the core principles are kept intact.
    • BE THERE. EVERY TIME. Period.
      1. He plants the flag for the AO, makes folks feel welcome, makes sure the disclaimer is correctly spoken, picks up the 6, etc.
      2. He manages safety for the site.
      3. He manages the Q schedule. Practices the art of volun-told-ism…
      4. He harasses Qs to write BBs, etc.
      5. He sells the AO, the Qs, and the Mission of F3.

Confused about any of the lingo? Check out the F3 Nation Lexicon.

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