Backblast – Coronado 2/6/23


26 degrees – 8-10 mph winds – perfect conditions

PAX :  16 + 2 Qs

Canadian Bacon (respect x 2), Superfly, Grease Fire, Patton (respect), Tightlip, Scoober, Gator, Predator, Woody (respect), Caruso (respect x 2), Mulligan (respect), TC (respect), Lemu (respect), Bobsled, Rich- FNG Nurph.

Q : Retweet and Oompa

I arrived at 5:11 am to enjoy the morning after a good night of sleep. This was my first Co-Q –Oompa and I had talked a couple of times so I knew we were in good shape. Oompa’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. I drove by several PAX on pre runs and there were a ton cars in the lot.  Oompa and I met and scoped the area to discuss final plans and make sure that ice wouldn’t be an issue.

At 5:30 am, We welcomed the grizzled group of PAX with the mission statement, 5 core principles, asked about FNGs (1 = Rich) and reminded them to modify as needed.  We asked for a show a of hands to see how many PAX are currently dealing with some sort of injury – over ½ raised their hands.

● We proceeded to take a dynamic warm-up in the playground lot with walking lunges, high knees, butt kicks and stride outs.

● Next we performed static stretching including for the trapezius, shoulders, triceps, hamstrings, hip flexors and press-ups for the low back.   No counting was given as we wanted as much chatter as possible.  We finished stretching our calves by using the school wall.  Calf flexibility is important as a severe strain/tear of this muscle kept Oompa on the IR for several months.

Oompa then led us to the p arking lot to the east where we did a 3-man  grinder consisting of two stations, roughly 45 yards apart.  One pax member did the exercises at each station, with the 3rd pax member running between/pushing the group.  All exercises were AMRAP until pushed and if a group completed both rounds, they started over on Round

Round 1:




Jump Tucks



Round 2:

Mtn Climbers


Sumo Squats

Bobby Hurleys


Rinse and Repeat

At 5:56 am we returned to the playground lot to do more hamstring, calf (down dog) low back and trunk stretching.  Chatter was again emphasized.

6:07 – Name-a-Rama  and naming of our FNG – Rich was with our group as he didn’t want to do a Murph.  Easy choice for Oompa as myself was to name him Nurph (not doing a Murph)!


● Several 2nd opportunities – check Slack

● Heartland Hope

● Polar Plung

● Brick Builder event on 2/16/23

● Several prayer requests for PAX members including, Mulligan and Slow Clap’s sons, injured PAX and Ben Ryan.


CSAUP was last week with an a great name of the Butterfly Effect.  Patton/Mulligan started this site after being injured.  They needed an AO to go to that allowed them to workout in a modified way – with a partner- and still be part of the group experiencing the fellowship that we all need.  I asked the PAX how many would not have worked out this morning if not for this A0.  Many raised their hands.  One act can have huge consequences.

6:14: Prayer – led by Oompa

What a great day!

Aye! Retweet and Oompa

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