2/27 Coronado Backblast

Weather: 40 degrees, cloudy & windy

Co-Qs – Jump Street & Tea Party

PAX (25) Tight Lip, Yodel, Boji, Lite Bright, Bobsled, Finger Paint, Barn Door, Tator Tot, Ozark, Snow Man, Woody, Caruso, Wilson, Longneck, T-Swift, Cheapseats, Home Alone, Steeple, Mufasa, LPC, Patton, Greenhouse, Da Fridge, Tea Party, Jump Street

No FNG’s

At 5:30 we gathered at the flags where Co-Q Jump Street was only slightly nervous about his VQ but jumped right into the F3 mission statement, core principles and creedo.

We then moved to the basketball court for warmorama while Patton quickly reminded the Co-Q that we are not professionals and PAX should modify as necessary.

Side Straddle Hops
Big Ones
Tappy Taps
Sun Gods
Cherry Pickers
Pigeon Stretches
Ran 1 lap around the school and PAX that had coupons were advised to grab them from their cars as we went by.

We then moseyed with our coupons across the street to the parking lot for the Pre-Thing:

11’s (Two man teams) 1 PAX stayed with the coupon and began thrusters while PAX without a coupon went across the lot and began merkins. Coupons started at 10 and merkins started at 1 with lunge walking between the two sides.
A soft Omaha was called before all PAX finished and we moved further South into the lot for The Thing.

The Thing – (Borrowed from Hard Hat)
Teamed up into 2 man teams:
1 PAX did 10 merkins while the other held plank. PAX would switch positions every 10 merkins until a combined 100 merkins had been completed.
Next up, 1 PAX did LBC’s while the other held 6″, switching every 20 until 200 LBC’s were completed.
We then moved onto 1 PAX doing air squats while the other held Al Gore, switching every 30 until 300 were complete.
PAX who finished before the group was done then held one of the hold positions until the 6 was done.
PAX finished up right as Omaha was called.

We moseyed back to the basketball court for Mary and ended with American Hammers.

Prayers: High school spring sports are starting up, prayers for the athletes and their families. (And coaches!)
Pit Stop, his M and their families as they battle health issues.

Jump Street spoke about how being intentional was something that has been talked about before but he never fully understood what that meant until pre-running with Tea Party and the topic of hills came up. Only way to maintain a pace on a hill is to make the conscious decision at the bottom of the hill to do something different (increase cadence, lengthen stride) because our bodies will naturally slow down while going uphill. We can’t rely on simply keeping pace and expect things to stay the same. Same thing happens in life, we get on a “pace” where things are going well in our lives but eventually we all come to a hill and if we simply rest on our laurels while going uphill we eventually slow down and that can have a profound negative impact on our lives. When facing the hills in our lives we need to be intentional about how we’re going to attack that hill to ensure we stay on pace. For the PAX that are on pace, don’t forget how you got there and be intentional when faced with the hills. To the PAX who are not yet on the pace they want to be on, it won’t happen naturally. You’ve got to make the conscious decision to be intentional and change what you’re doing to achieve the pace you want.

Finished with the Ball-O-Man for prayer

  • Jump Street

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