December 19, 2022 | Coronado | AO – Aldrich Elementary

PAX [16]: Da Fridge, Tea Party, Long Neck, Mulligan, Jump Street, Snow Man, Caruso, Woody, Lemu, Folsum, Ranger Rick, Bogie, LPC, Danny Garvey FNG (Now – Chop Sticks), Steeple, and Slow Clap

Q: Slow Clap 

Crisp, Cold winter morning at Coronado . . . Focus today was on “Core”

The Workout:


• 15 IC Side Straddle Hop IC

• 15 IC Big Ones IC

• 15 IC Tappy Taps IC

• Variation of Albatross Wings

o 10 IC Arm circles forward

o 10 IC arm circles reverse

o 10 IC Cherry Pickers




Start bin the playground to the North the School 

Find a partner next to you

• One person starts by performing the following exercises and keeps count until his partner arrives and picks-up where they left off:

o 50 American Hammers IC 

o 100 Merkins

o 200 Squats

The other partner will run to the other end of the playground and back.

When the person gets back from the run, the other person will run and the runner will take over doing the exercisefrom the count where the 1st person stopped.

The Thang:

After the Pre-Thang, We will run a circuit across the back of the school in groups of four across four cones doing primarily core exercises.


• Run to first cone and perform one of the three exercises, then second cone and perform one of the exercises and then the third cone, fourth, etc. Rinse and repeat three times. We will do 10 reps of each exercise listed, IC if normally done IC:

Cone 1


o Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

o Freddie Mercury’s IC


Cone 2

o Plank Jacks IC

o Heels to Heaven IC

o Box Cutters IC


Cone 3

o Gas pumpers IC

o Heal taps IC

o Mountain Climbers IC

Cone 4

o Plank – 20 second hold

o Rosalita’s

o Big boys

Wall Sit for 60 seconds at the end of each circuit


Finished with American hammers, rancid style


1/28/23 CSAUP

Wild Kingdom – Bring gifts for nursing homes and cancer center patients

Friendly New Guy – Danny Garvey (Now – Chop Sticks)

Prayer Requests:

Prayer for Mulligan’s son Xavier – Dealing with depression and addiction

Prayer for Cole’s in New Life Recovery – To Stay and get batter

Prayer for friend with hip with a torn labrum (Didn’t catch the persons first name)


After seeing my son enter the New Life Recovery Program at Open Door Mission for rehabilitation from drugs and knowing he had to go through the program for 120 days (4 months), I wondered what in my own life has too much control over me, which is not really a positive habit or behavior, and I could not go without for 120 days?   

I thought to myself that I drink too much beer and need to stop drinking beer at home. It is too easy and really doesn’t make me feel good; I cannot sleep well at night, among other things, etc. It is like playing with fire. I decided to stop buying and drinking beer at home to support my son as he tries to get over his addiction of drugs. I can conquer my addiction of beer every night if he can conquer his addiction to drugs. 

What is controlling your life that is not positive and healthy, and should be stopped? We all struggle at times, like my son, and need to conquer those items that keep us from being free to share life with another.


Slow Clap

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