PAX:  Selleck, Bubba Gump, Borland, Ethanol, Placebo, Pablo, Wait Time, Biggie-Smalls, Folsom. FNG: Walk On (Bret Russells)


Weather:  65 degrees, dark… and then light and sunny.

11 PAX. Time for Action. 7×7=49!!  Statements: F3 Mission, core principles and disclaimer… then informed the theme for the day – ACTION = Antidote to Sad Clown Disease. F3 is a leadership machine – creating opportunity for shared suffering that makes us stronger, faster, and healthier – and build relationships of support and shared purpose between HIMs. And the last day of ’40-something’ for TC… so honoring age of 49 with sets of 7 exercises with 7 reps each.

No mosey… just get right into the warm-a-rama.

Neck and Shoulder stretch – 7 count each:

1. Look up, arms back.

2. Look down, arms front.

3. Look left, right arm across.

4. Look right, left arm across.

5. Chicken-arm, right – head tilt left.

6. Chicken-arm, left – head tilt right.

7. Open-arm chest stretch.

Torso and core – 7 reps each, 4 count:

1. Abe Vigado.

2. Potato Diggers (F3 name? …  three touches to the ground between feet).

3. Round the bend (F3 name? … bending at waste down, right, back, left)

4. Knee/Hand taps (no F3 name) … tap opposite hand and foot behind you.

5. Imperial walker

6. Hillbilly

7. Bow-Legged Hillbilly (really wide)

Arm / shoulder – 7 reps each, 4 count:

1. Sun Gods – to the side. Forward

2. … Backward.

3. Sun Gods – to the front. Inside

4. … Outside.

5. Chinooks – overhead. Inside

6. … Outside.

7. Cherry pickers

NOW, we mosey … to the ‘Colorado Rockies’ …

THANG 1 – ACTION, Shoulders and Arms

Merkins, a smorgasbord – 7 reps each, on the ‘down’.

1. Narrow.

2. Medium.

3. Wide.

4. Carolina dry docs.

5. Narrow.

6. Medium.

7. Wide.

Respite – 7 counts to 7.

Shoulders of FUN – 7 reps each, 4 count.

1. Alternating should taps,

2. Mahktar N Diayes.

3. Plank it.

4. Mountain climber.

5. Annies (plank, one hand, rotate other hand like washing floors)

6. Plank jacks.

7. Plank it.

THANG 2 – Jacob’s Ladder, 7…

– Sumo Squat Jump, Run to top of hill, burpee, Run back down.

– Repeat. Add one rep each cycle… until 7 reps.

More was planned… but it is time to mosey back to playground matts.


GUTS… or hip flexors? … I’m not sure …  7 reps each, 4 count where it makes sense.

1. Supines

2. Flutter kicks

3. Rosalita

4. Windshied wipers

5. Box cutter

6. LBC

7. Freddie mercury

American Hammer:  49!  7 sets of 7 (4 count) with 7 second respite in between.

Circle of Trust:

Announcements / Prayer Requests/ Share Session

Welcome ‘Walk On’ …

Golf this Saturday, “I Am Third” – charity event – Tara Hills GC.

Abide – date and time again?


• Prayer request for Reba’s wife as she and her family consider medical/surgical treatment options related to years of managing/battling Crohn’s Disease

• Lemon Law is training for a 5K, and is inviting anyone to join in the fun. The 5K is Sept 30th, and you can sign up here:

• He’ll be using the “Couch25K” app (by Zen Labs), which has 3 run routines/week for 8 weeks.

• The plan: every Sunday at 8pm, Millard West track to do the routine. Anyone can join in!

ACTION!  Either we dying or we are living. Your choice. From the book: “Younger Next Year” by Harry Lodge, tells us about the two types of ‘cytokines’ in our bodies; C-6 is the master chemical in your body for inflammation, which is effectively “decay.”  C-10 on the other hand is your body’s master chemical for “growth,”   When you release enough C-6, you trigger C-10. C-10 is released after a workout, to repair your body and make it stronger. Learn more here:

Purpose + Action = the cure…

Harry’s Rules to be ‘younger next year’ … is it coincidental, that there are 7 rules?

1. Exercise six days a week for the rest of your life.

2. Do serious aerobic exercise four days a week for the rest of your life.

3. Do serious strength training, with weights, two days a week for the rest of your life.

4. Spend less than you make.

5. Quit eating garbage!

6. Care.

7. Connect and Commit.

Action. Keep showing up!

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