Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 0530-0615

Pax:  Borland, TC, Tonight Show, Selleck, Specimen, Roll Bar, Lemmon Law, Truss, Bluegrass, Ethanol, Connor Brough

QiC : Daniel San-VQ; shadowed by Ethanol

As we gathered, on this beautiful 63 degree morning, I began to look around.  At a glance, I counted roughly 4-5 PAX in the AO.  I was beginning to wonder if it was going to be a lean morning.  Just as the clock ticked towards 0530, the roads came to life!  PAX were coming in from all directions…. When it was all said and done, we totaled 11.  At 530, we kicked it off with and intro and disclaimer.  Directly following, Daniel San jumped into action and took over the dojo.

WARMARAMA: We started out with a mosey across the football field… which was still flipping WET. NO rain in days… 80+ degrees for days… and somehow, The Maize is still a swamp.

SSH x 15 IC

High Knees x 15 IC

Sun Gods(wax on)x10 forward IC

Sun Gods(wax off)x10 backwards IC

Moved right into the THANG

THANG: Know When to Holdem

Deck of Cards workout with coupons.  The ingredients for this workout were MERKINS, BURPEES, MTN CLIMBERS,WERKINS,JUMP LUNGES AND SQUATS.  Each suit is assigned an exercise, and the PAX would perform the number of reps designated by the card number(5 cards per table). This was followed by a 100 yard run to the next card table.  This started out feeling like it was going to be a little soft… a couple of squats here… a couple of Merkins there… and then, all of the sudden, they started coming.  Burpees… like Jonny and the rest of the Cobra Kai… just when you thought that you had fought off the first wave of burpees, another one would roll up on you.  I lost count around a million.  Anyway, the deck was completed, for a total of 400 reps.  All reps were completed with a coupon in each hand… there were a couple that had to take one for the team and go with a single.  All reps were OYO with all pax running as a group.  One of us had to be reminded that OYO spells integrity… 4 count, 1 count, 2 count… Ehh… OYO.  You know who you are!

6MOM:  On Ode to Wait Time.  Daniel San took a page out of Wait Time’s book and hit us with…

American Thor.  1:4, 2:8,3:12,4:16,5:20

Circle of Trust:

COT was led by Ethanol…

Announcements: CureSearch event is on Aug 4th… get with Placebo if you would still like to participate.  Big shout out to Daniel San crushing it this morning.  Also, TC! Posting for the first time with RESPECT… Big 50

Clsoe:  Tonight Show took us out with a prayer.  Thoughts and prayers sent up to Wait Time as he went through a minor procedure.  A reminder to everyone to leave things better than they were when you got there.

Daniel San


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