Caesar & Biggie Smalls getting it!

04.23.2019 Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park | 6750 Mercy Road

PAX: 21 – Ponzi, Room Service, Khakis, Honey Stinger, Caesar, Lowman, Picabo, FNG – TWING PEAKS (Isaac Ortega), Tenderfoot, Caboose, Safe Ride, OMT, Tater Tot, Flipper, Waffle House, Biggie Smalls, Borland, Polaroid, Walk-on

Qic: Brazilian & Selleck

Weather:  Headbands and shorty-shorts

Selleck welcomed PAX to CH – Anniversary Edition. In this gloom an old friend was welcomed back into the fold (The St. Mary’s MF-ing Hill). F3 Mission, core principles and disclaimer were given. Selleck did not pass go and proceeded straight to WarmO.


SSH x 15 IC

High Knees x 15 UC

Windmills x 10 IC

String Rippers x 10 IC

Butt Kickers x 15iC

Broga Running Stretch x 10 IC each side

DownDog/UpDog x 3

PAX mosey west on Mercy Street past the bus-stop and took the ridge! Selleck led pre-thing.  
Down the mountain / Up the mountain
PAX found nearby lit lot and formed two lines. PAX proceeded to complete the following exercises:
-jump squats x 15 IC (tempo on the down)
-plank jacks x 15 IC
-leg lift (on back) x 15 IC (tempo on the down)
***PAX flip-flopped lines via Bear Crawl***
Rinse Repeat three rotations on rep cadence of 10IC/5IC/15IC  
After the handoff from Selleck, Brazilian challenged all of F3Omaha PAX to bring double digit FNGs to @F3TheOracle this Saturday. Brazilian then read the following:

“I suspect my ego partially drove my early drive to EH as many guys as I could. I wanted to be the guy who brought the most people to F3 but now I have now come to realize it’s not about showing off to the rest of the OG Redwoods, it’s about strengthening the bonds with my existing friends, creating real friendships with the acquaintances I suspected were really good dudes, meeting new HIMs who inspire and hold me accountable and MOST importantly, seeing F3 fill a void in the lives of friends that I worried needed it most.”

PAX moseyed to the bottom of the hill by the new baseball fields to start the Thang:

Partner up. Partner 1 runs hills while partner 2 starts with get ups. Partners work their way up to cumulative reps before moving on to next exercise.
Turkish Get Ups15 reps
Burpees25 reps
Carolina Dry Docks50 reps
Squats75 reps
Hand Release Merkins100 reps
Monkey Humpers 150 reps
SSH200 reps
Mountain Climbers300 reps


PAX moseyed back to where some shovel flags should have been, but poor planning by the Site Q’s made that a regret, not a reality.

Low Dolly
American Hammer
Namorama including the naming of Twin Peaks (Isaac Ortega, FNG). Brazilian spoke about the two most common excuses he hears for why guys won’t show up for their first post and the responses from OBT and Dredd:

EH excuse #1:
That’s too early to get up to work out. I’m really not a morning workout guy.”
OBT: Oh, yeah… I know you. You’re the Lunch Hour Workout Guy — until that 11 a.m. conference
call runs long and you don’t have time to work out and get back for the 1:30 meeting, so you’ll have to run over to Chick-fil-A to grab some Fast Food That I Can Pretend Isn’t Fast Food, but you’ll definitely get out in time to hit the Y before you go home except your wife calls and she needs you to go pick up your 2.0 from basketball practice so she can get the 2.1 from violin lessons and still get home in time to put dinner on the table and meet her friends for girls’ night out at 7:30 and, well… now you’re Tomorrow Workout Guy, aren’t you?

Or as Dredd said…
There are only two kinds of workout guys, the early morning workout guy and the guy who blows off most of his workouts. Which are you?

2nd most common EH excuse “This sounds like some sort of cult.”
OBT: Back when our father’s fathers ran the world, a bunch of men gathering at odd hours to engage in common effort for the common good and with an eye toward the larger improvement of the world around them and the raising up of men to be leaders was simply plain vanilla, old-fashioned civic engagement, and it was what grown-ass men did. If society has moved so far toward atomization and self-absorption that free assembly and group pride qualifies as cultish behavior, then so be it — but we will be the ones, in the words of the late William Buckley, standing “athwart history, yelling stop.    

Selleck re-emphasized “recruitment as lifeblood” of any successful organization. The challenge to take the hill and EH FNG’s by Saturday (double digits) – or welcome back any PAX who stepped away – was welcomed.

Tater Tot reminded folks up upcoming convergence at Futurama.

Selleck took the PAX out with BoM (ball of man)

Coffeteria to follow.


Brazilan & Selleck

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