The concrete of Stinson Park


Bluegrass in a poor immitation of Tony Little

The Scene: 72 Degrees Dark Impending Rain

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer

Shared mission, disclaimer and you vs. you / form failure philosophy

Walked with dumb bells of assorted sizes (mainly 15 lbs) including kettlebells, a pair of steel rolling pins and a very large steel cane

(I am now both very appreciative and afraid of Brazilian’s arsenal)

Mosey to tower (aka Little Baby Washington Monument)


Sun Gods

Alternating shoulder taps

Imperial walkers

Mountain climbers

Alabama ass kickers

Mosey back to the stage


Broke into teams of 2 – 3

Goal was to stick with your team and keep overall group together on stage like the the Backstreet Boys except better looking and more coordinated (1 out of 2 ain’t bad)

(20 reps per person)


Dumbbell deadlift

Hammer Curls

Dumbbell Squat

Standing Tricep Press (1 dumbbell)

Dumbbell lunge (20 each side)

Bent over row

Shoulder press


Calve Raises

(Each Team Repeated Until Last Team Was Done)

Team Indian Run

We rinse and repeated 2.5 times

There was slight mumble chatter with moments of awkward silence followed by occasional moaning

First round wasn’t bad

Second was bearable

Third made it halfway through then time for MOM



LBC (Captain Kangaroo was correct per the F3 Exercise guide that “Little Baby Crunch is a crunch/sit-up.)

Freddie Mercury

Cindy Crawford (performed to perfection)

Flutter kick

30 Dumbbell American Hammers led by a slightly sadistic Boom Boom

Count-off & Name-O-Rama

13 PAX including 1 FNG (named T.C. from Magnum PI due to his smooth style and helicopter experience)

Bluegrass, Bubba Gump, Dial Up, Headliner, Folsom, Captain Kangaroo (representing Raleigh, NC), Brazilian, Selleck, Hootenanny, Rollbar, Lemon Law, Boom Boom


Forgot this due to sleep deprivation, lightning and impending downpour

Prayer: Rollbar closed with prayer

As if planned, a massive downpour ensues (thank you Big Q in the sky)

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