What makes a good F3 workout? Camaraderie? Variety? Balance? Accomplishment?

This is what Bubba Gump and I strived to create for our first evening workout for F3 Omaha. A mixture of weights and body weight exercises rotating different body parts in a team format. Our Nantan had good tips to help with the flow that worked well. This was Bubba’s vision and it is good.

AO – Area of Operation

Stinson Park in the evening when I’m more than partially awake

QIC – Workout Leader(s) in Charge

Bluegrass and Bubba Gump

The Scene

A beautify slightly overcast summer day of 72 Degrees at a busy city park surrounded by children playing, couples walking and customers at multiple shops, restaurants and bars watching something they’ve never seen before (shovel flags and men in apparent softball uniforms working out in a coordinated fashion hard for 45 minutes as they waived and encouraged passers by).

F3 Welcome and Disclaimer – welcome, guidelines to keep PAX coming back and risk statement

Shared mission, disclaimer and you vs. you / form failure philosophy

Mosey to tower (aka Little Baby Washington Monument)

Warm-O-Rama – warming up the muscles like a rubber band

Sun Gods

Alternating shoulder taps

Imperial walker

Mountain climber

Abe Vigoda

Mosey back to the stage

Tha-Thang – the main workout

Broke into teams of 2

One team member did exercise while second one did a lap around Stinson and then did the exercise. This tended to keep the groups together moreso than teams working to achieve a certain number of reps.


Standing Tricep Press* (1 dumbbell until my arms went numb and then I used “imaginary weights”)

Squats (over achievers used dumbbells)

Bent over row*

Plank Jacks

Hammer Curls*

Lunges (some used dumbbells)

Shoulder press*

Group worked very hard and transitioned into MOM.

6MOM – acroynm involving Mary that somehow translates into intense core work 



Freddie Mercury

Cindy Crawford

American Hammer

COT: Count-off & Name-O-Rama – Process by which role is taken, nicknames are reinforced and FNG’s are initiated

6 PAX including a guest visit from Tastebud

Bluegrass, Bubba Gump, Ponzi, Headliner, TC (who rocked out this workout), and Wait Time (aka Nantan)

Announcements – Events related to Fitness, Fellowship and sometimes Faith

Second weekend in July is Abide sports day. Let’s share our male community leadership with part of our community that needs it.

Boom Doom (I mean Boom Boom) is doing a Ruck this Sunday. Come out and experience the power of a Ruck workout.

Drinks at Paulies following the beatdown.

Prayer – Gratitude for the opportunity to spend time with each other and everyone’s hard work for the group

Wait Time closed with prayer thanking the six brave souls for kicking off our first evening workout.

Thanks Fellas. Bubba and I were fine going solo although six guys was an awesome kickoff to another option for the gentlemen of Omaha.

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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