1/1/2019  Cornhusker Handicap AO Winter Quarters

PAX: Plage, Big One, Saul, Waffle House, No Doze, Room Service, Sourdough, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Lowman

QIC: Lowman

On the coldest morning in recent memory (5 degrees air temp, -15 to -20 wind chill), 10 hard HIM set out to ring in the new year with grit, laughs and as many layers of thermal gear as could be comfortably be worn. The Plague and YHC arrived at 6:30 to test drive the outdoor mosey, but were quickly blown into the parking garage in search of cover.

Upon returning from the blustery scouting mission Plage and YHC found smiling faces in the gloom eagerly awaiting the beatdown to come. It should be noted, that Big One successfully executed day 1 of his New Years Resolution, arriving 1 minute BEFORE the workout began.

After the Mission was stated and the appropriate disclaimer given, the PAX moseyed to the sanctuary of the Pacific Life parking garage.


Bobby Hurley 19 → Cherry Pickers 19 IC → Jump Tucks 19 → Windmills 19 IC → Derkins 19

After Warm-A-Rama, YHC asked No Doze “Before or After?” and the answer of “Before” was given.

Burpee Mile

According to the Lexicon, the Burpee Mile consists of a one mile run, broken up by 48 burpees. Our interpretation was 12 burpees OYO, .25 mile run, 12 burpees…etc. Room Service kicked off the first run with a blistering pace, attempting to shake the demons of NYE, but only succeeded in gutting the PAX before the fun really began. For the record, 3 parking garage laps = .25 miles according to Plague, but .35 miles according to No Doze. Long story short, the PAX rocked out 48 burpees and something between 1 and 1.5 miles of running.

Beatdown Baseball

Staying on the same floor, the PAX broke out into four groups to play a little game of Beatdown Baseball, with the Home Base group acting as the timer/hammer, pushing the rest of the PAX around the bases. 

Home Base 1B (AMRAP) 2B (AMRAP) 3B (AMRAP)
SSH – 19 IC Hand Release Merkin Air Squats LBCs
Jump Tucks – 19 Werkin Monkey Humpers Slow Freddie M.
Bobby Hurley – 19 Merkin Lunges Big Boys
Smurf Jacks – 19 IC Shoulder Taps Jump Squats Plank
High Knees – 19 IC No-Weight Man Maker Partner Calf Raises American Hammer

Before moseying back to the Shovel Flag, the PAX took one final jaunt up the stairs to the fifth floor.


Wall Sits 100 seconds → Reverse Crunch 19 IC, LBCs 19 IC, Hammer 10×4

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers

  • Plague announced that Paradise Island Third F activities will focus on the Q Source material, and run in parallel with the 43 Feet Podcast.

Message from YHC:

  • Resolutions are meant to be broken, but what the F3 Omaha PAX has been doing since March is building a foundation for a different life that will take them into 2019 and far beyond.
  • YHC urged the PAX to take time to enjoy what they’ve accomplished personally, and reflect on the impact that change has had on not only their personal lives, but on those of their family, friends and broader community at large.
  • That impact is only going to grow as we continue to accelerate ourselves.

Aye and Happy New Year!


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