“Be Who You Needed When You Were Younger”

Date: May 12th, 2023

PAX (25): Chernobyl, Tony the Tiger, Low Flow, Boss Hogg, Oscar, Dozer, Feeney, Styx, Eh’, Echo, Nae Nae, G-String, OG Kickstand, Skidz, Schrute, Tenacious D, Duracell, Rooney, Bayside, Baby Shark, Stranglehold, Fun Dip, Levy, Mulch, Busser

FNGs: None

AO: The Farm

QIC: Busser

Conditions: Just dodged the rain, temp was mid 50’s

At 5:15am, YHC welcomed the PAX to F3, F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. I then covered the 5 core principles, the mission statement, the credo, and the disclaimer

Disclaimer: I am not a professional, modify as necessary. There is a real risk for injury, let’s not get injured today.


We moseyed up Main Street to the top of the Downtown block and circled up on Second St where we completed: 10 SGForward/10 SGBackward, 10 OH Claps, 10 Seal Claps, 10 Tappy Taps, 10 Big Ones


We took full advantage of the ledge there on the North East corner of Second and Main. I had a 30 second timer queued up. One set = 30 seconds AMRAP of Squats, then merkins, then jump ups (or step ups), then dips followed by 30 seconds of recover for a total of 2.5 minutes per set; We completed 4 sets of this – the first set felt pretty easy, but by the end, I was totally ready to move on and sweating like crazy

The Thang:

We moseyed back down to the gravel parking lot at the corner of First and Main where I had set up four cornhole boards setup of next to each other all in a line. (Thanks Skidz for bringing the awesome homemade boards and bags). We counted off in 4’s to form 4 teams that would throw together on one of the boards.

Each team (my team had 7, the others had 6) had to have each team member score 3 points and all team members had to rotate through until all members threw and scored 3 points (the teams with 6 members were supposed to have 1 person throw twice which may or may not have happened, maybe my fault for not explaining clearly, may have partly been on the PAX for being too excited to play Gloom Cornhole and not fully listening to directions, “I don’t know”)

While a PAX was throwing the rest of the team was completing exercises: merkins, picklepushers, burpees, LBCs, Alt. Lunges, and Oh Yeahs. I think the throw line was a bit too close to the boards because I expected more time would spent exercising, but it was a good time and the PAX seemed to enjoy the game and we kept moving the whole time.

We played 4 rounds. The winners of each round picked a number 1-4. I had 4 exercises written down and the winners had an advantage – they got to complete the exercise on the flat of First Street, the “losers” had to complete the exercise up the Main Street hill. Exercises were: Side Shuffle, Sprint, Bernie, and Partner Carry. Partner Carry

Omaha was called at 5:55am


Sarpy Slammers

Name-O-Rama: all pax listed above were present


Father’s Day 2.0 beatdown at The Pit coming up

Brickbuilder June 3rd – Sign up, Get signed up!

Prayer Requests:

None were shared


Recently a discussion at Q Source during the convergence week got me thinking about my missionality and what my greater purpose is. later that day I happened to come across a twitter post with the quote “Be who you needed when you were younger”

Part of my missionality is to be a good dad to my kids and it was interesting that quote found me that day to remind me.

It got me thinking about how I parent, WHO I am for my kids most often. Looking back at my youth, I now realize there were things I needed, some of them desperately, but didn’t know it at the time.

Sometimes your kids need a friend, sometimes they need a teacher or a coach, sometimes they need someone to provide structure or discipline and it’s up to us to figure out how we need to adapt to be who our kids need and when. One size fits all does not apply to parenting.

I just really liked that quote and it has me trying to be more aware of what my kids might need from me and what role they need me to play as they keep growing up faster and faster and have new and more challenging life experiences.

Be who you needed when you were younger.

Busser closed out in prayer


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