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PAX: Selleck, Penny Pincher, Boom-Boom, Geek Squad, Ethanol, Headliner, Placebo, Brazilian, Specimen, Bluegrass, Roll Bar(Co-Q), Wait Time (Co-Q)

Welcome: Time-Share (Adam Briley), Folsom (Eric Straubber) and Pacesetter (Lance Zechman).

Qs: Wait Time and Roll-Bar

Great workout!  PAX ran 3.1 miles in a partner beatdown.

After Wait Time and Roll-Bar welcomed our three FNGs provided the disclaimer and Boom-Boom assured us he wasn’t waiting tables at Hooters, we moseyed for Warm-A-Rama.


Don Quixote (IC) x 10 > Flying Sun Gods (IC) x 10 > Abe Vigodas (IC) x 10 > Finkle Swings (IC) x 10 … T-claps to Roll Bar for reading the website.

THANG: PAX moseyed to the lake and paired up for BOMBS.  Parter A did exercises and as many reps as possible until Partner B returned from a roundtrip run to the street.   The exercises were cumulative so Partner B takes over in the count for Partner A.


(B)urpees x 50

(O)verhead Claps x 100

(M)erkins x 150

(B)ig Boy Sit ups x 200

(S)quats x 250  Some groups did start the squats but no one finished all reps.  We will get it next time!

PAX moseyed to Shovel Flag.

6 Minutes of Mary (MOM)

ABCs, Sweat Angels (IC) x 12 American Hammer (IC) 20 … thanks to Boom-Boom.

Circle of Trust (COT) and Announcements:

Bluegrass reminded the PAX about Happy Hour at Omaha Tap House.  5:30 to7:30 tonight at 155th Circle.

Bluegrass and Ethanol on the Q at Boys Town Saturday. Ethanol on Q at Cornhusker Handicap.

Welcome FNGs – Time-share, Folsom and Pacesetter.

Wait Time read quote from Rob Bell.  (shared by Tommy Boy from GSO) “Where do you start?

Wait Time closed the COT with a prayer.


Wait Time and Roll Bar

See you in the gloom!

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