img_2596.jpgMay 26, 2018, Memorial Day Workout at Boys Town

PAX (18): Sweet Tooth, Tonight Show, Gipper, Folsom, Lemon Law, Geek Squad, Boom Boom, Headliner, Room Service, Dufresne, No Doze, Curds, Taste Bud, Penny, Pincher, I-Beam Placebo, Bluegrass, Ethanol
Welcome FNGs: The Truth (John Roepke), Toolman (Rich McWilliams)
Co-QIC: Bluegrass, Ethanol and Boom Boom

Warm o rama
Merkins, flutter kick

Mosey with flag


Battle Buddy advance

PAX split into 2 groups.

Jump squats

Attemped pull ups on the soccer goals
Neck Drag
Saddlebag Carry
Cradle Drop Drag
Ranger (4 man) pushups

Bataan Death March (Indian run with 5 burpees)


American hammer

Circle of Trust.


Bluegrass, Ethanol and Boom Boom

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