12/27/22: 19 degrees feels like 1 so warm by this weeks standards


PAX: 10 Hardhat, Skipper, Betamax, Doppler, Griswald, Scoober, Smashmouth, Room Service, Light Bright, Armbar
4:58 am: Pull into the trident with Light Bright standing outside his truck, Skipper walking up, Hard Hat pulling in hot and Smashmouth coming in right on time.

5:29: Get back from the pre run with just enough time to catch my breath. Hills and snow make for a fun pre run but not fast.

5:30: Greet the PAX with the 3 f’s. Have them help me with the 5 core principles, mission statement with mumble chatter about invigorate or reinvigorate. Disclaimer and we are off.

Warm-o-rama: Mosey to the parking lot just past linked in on the north side. SSH 12 IC
Tappy Taps 12 IC
Goof Balls 12 IC
Big one’s. 12 IC and thanks for Betamax with the help on the name as it escaped me. Mountain Climber 12 IC

Pre Thang: Mosey all the way across 132nd street to the park with a small playground on it. From what I’ve been told this is the first time this park has been used and I like to be first for different area’s at AO’s. Shout out to Roadhouse on this information.(Missed him today but he was taking care of his 2.0 which is always more important)
Hold a plank while a pax member runs over and does 5 pull-ups. When they come back switch to AST. Do this until all pax have done there pull ups. Little did I know that this little playground only had steering wheels that moved so it was just a smidge harder.

The Thang: Mosey to the entrance to the wood bridge that goes between all the faiths temples. Little known fact the creek in the center is “Hells Creek”.
Break into 2 groups. 1 takes a full lap around the bridge roughly 1/4 mile while the other AMRAPS an exercise.
Merkins Squats Big Boys
More were listed but time expired. ON a cold day like today got to keep it moving. Mosey back to the flags roughly 1/2 mile.

Mary: 10 American Hammers Rancid style

CSAUP coming up on the 28th
Murph Challenge in January
Make America Burpee Again Challenge-100 burpees a day in Jan.
Doppler and his M had a successful day of house hunting. Congrats to that man.


To start I am going to use the term wood a lot in this one so get your giggles out now. Room service did a great job of a fake laugh. However it fooled me.
Recently I decided to make cutting boards for my family for Christmas gifts. I imagined these fine looking boards that you could post a picture of online and people wouldn’t know it wasn’t professionally done. Well after cutting the wood from a fallen log, Jigsaw cutting out the shapes, planning, sanding and sealing it turned out to be a much bigger project than I anticipated. All I could see was the imperfections and at times I didn’t even want to give them to people. Then I realized that those imperfections where the beauty in what I was doing. If my family wanted a perfect cutting board they could buy it themselves. These where made with luv and by me. So the imperfections is what made them special. I look at the HIM of F3 like these boards. They are hard men trying to mold themselves into something perfect but it is there imperfections that make them special and unique. So I am grateful to spend the morning with fine pieces of wood like each of you anytime I come out.
-Aye Armbar

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