Pax = Landsbury, Hotdog, PigPen, Oompah, Brazilian, Toadstool, Honey Stinger, Cosmo, Stella!, Two-step (Q)
Conditions: Dark, windy, feels like = -12F
Greeting in a sheltered nook of a corner of the school just south of the parking because windy and cold
F3 Alliteration + Frosty
Core Principles
Q principle, can’t do it = don’t Q it, maybe

Mosey to soccer field, semicircled up to put wind at everyone’s backsides /x the Q, along the west edge of the soccer field
Warm-o-rama: Tappy Taps, Tater Taps, Monkey Humpers, Windmills, Sungods, Overhead Claps, SSH
Monkey Howlers

pair up with a friend for the 11’s. rejoin as a group for groupey exercises.
11’s (up the stadium-like grassy slope along the east edge of the soccer field) : Merkins and Big Boy situps
mosey back to semicircle spot
Clock Merkins

find your friend again
11’s: Air Squats and Freddie Mercuries
mosey back to semicircle
Captain Thors
Crowd Pleasers

find your friend again
11’s: Mtn Climbers and Lunges

MARY = Absolutions

Return to school corner nook
name o rama

  1. fundraiser brought $22k+
  2. VQ coming up on 3/31 for someone i couldn’t remember, so sorry
  3. Davinci’s brother RIP
  4. Hot Dog’s uncle RIP
  5. Toadstool’s M going through challenges at work
    My best friend called last night because his cat died and that inspired this workout. I told of how he is a super good guy. Met in college as freshmen. Not sure he was my type. He went around to all the rooms in the fraternity house with trash bags to take out everyone’s trash. it was a way to show respect and servitude and get to know people. i though he was going to get punched, either by an upperclassman for being weird or by another freshman for being a suck up. turns out we wound up having a lot of life goals in common and he was the best man in my wedding and i was the best man in his weddings. Now, although he lives far away, we touch base regularly, and particularly if we need to get through something challenging, like a set of 11’s in this workout. He’s definitely my best friend, and i may be his, though we’ve never made it official in a conversation but we’ve both thrown around the term. Truth is there are probably half a dozen people who think Scott Hamilton is their best friend. He is that way because of what he showed early in college, he has a heart of service, really wants to get to know people, sees the value in being a good friend and doesn’t care if someone thinks he might be uncool if it makes him a better friend. My suggestion is to be like Scott Hamilton. You don’t need a cool card. And don’t judge somebody else if it looks like he doesn’t have one. Maybe you’ll wind up being best friend to a bunch of people too. You’ll have someone to do some 11’s with, and call when your cat dies.
    Two Step
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