“It was you all along.”

45o, 7 mph ESE Wind. Clear

41 PAX: Slow Pitch, Almost Famous, Waterboy, Cheap Seats, TC (Respect), Saul, Bubbles, Sparty, Flannigan, Double-Dare, Big One, Tater Tot, Gator, Vandelay, DOA, Boji, Sputnik, Wait Time, (Respect), Grillz, Speed Bump, Chiclets (Respect), Mufasa, Good Lookin, Super Tasty, Rain Man, Barn Door, 12-Guage, Griswold, Yodel, Lite Bright, Hard Hat, Arm-Brah, Kickstand, Spacebar, Thor, Canadian Bacon (Respect, Respect), Skipper, Khakis (Respect), Roadhouse, Kielbasa, Slick

The Trident Brain-Trust (past, present, future Site-Q’s) decided during the SNOR last week that a Triple-Q was the only possible approach for a Shovel-Flag Pass with a full-mouth umami profile. With that, Roadhouse, Slick and Kielbasa began then to develop the beatdown below.

Slick welcomed the PAX to F3 and took us through the 3 F’s & the Mission.

Kielbasa rolled through the 5 Core Principles like the seasoned vet he is.

Roadhouse reminded us of our Credo, that we’re still not professionals & checked there were no FNGs.

With that, Roadhouse moseyed us over to the far-West parking lot for warm-o-rama, where the launch of The Trident officially began 2 years ago.


  • Big One’s – In honor of….the Big One, The Godfather
  • Tater Taps – In honor of….Tater Tot
  • Hillbillies – In honor of the City Slicker…Wait Time
  • Pickle Pushers  – In honor of the sexiness established at Trident
  • Silent SSH – 9 regular, 11 silent. We fudged up but no Burpees!

PAX then moseyed over to the parking garage ramp for the Pre-Thang led by Slick.


Slick broke the group into 3’s for a 3 man grinder.

Man 1: Sumo-Squats (AMRAP)

Man 2: Push – bear crawl halfway and then sprint the other half

Man 3: Big Boyz (AMRAP)

Rinse and Repeat until “Recover!” was called (thanks TC)

PAX then moseyed over to the Temple of Israel parking lot for a 3 man grinder part 2 led by Kielbasa. We stayed in our groups of 3.

The Thang:

Man 1: AMRAP

  • Frozen Freddy’s
  • Big Boyz
  • Chill cut plank
  • Flutter Kicks

Man 2:

  • Push Group sprint to the other end

Man 3:

  • Shoulder taps
  • Copper head squats
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Alternating Lunges

Omaha! was called at 6:03 and PAX moseyed back to the Shovel Flags.

Selfie Name-O-Rama

Announcements/Prayer Requests

  • Vandelay Birthday!
  • Iditarod!
    • New Thursday Site opening 172nd & Q (Russell Middle School)
  • Skipper called for additional help with Parking for 5-Year Saturday at 430
  • Reminder to Bring Food for Saturday
  • Participate in 2nd F events this week if you can!


Thank You

Thank you to Roadhouse for giving me the opportunity to lead this past year. Thank you also to Roadhouse for the support week over week. Just being there often meant more than you’ll know. I came to you for guidance a few times and was always met with firm but gentle wisdom. A desire of all true lovers.

Time Travel

Last night, I was reading a part from Consolations by David Whyte and came across a line that pushed me out of my astral body and left me inspired

“No matter the self-conceited importance of our labours we are all compost for worlds we cannot yet imagine.”

In translation, our present reality we are actively creating is compost for futures we are building. Every second of every day. We are consistently touching past, present and future in every moment and composting the fleeting moments, intentions, actions, inputs into what the future will become. We look for guidance from our inner guru, our future self, who we are hoping to become. And yet, as we look back on our past selves we realize we are always all three of these all at once.

Right now, we are the guru to our past.

Right now, we are the future self.

Right now, we are absorbing the wisdom of the stories we tell ourselves, both good and bad.

To create world unimagined, we have to let go of our past stories. We can’t keep operating off what the past has shown us and expect to create different outcomes for the future. If we don’t sever our attachments to our past failure and accolades, we get stuck in an endless loop of recreating the past only. 

What does your heart, your essence yearn to express and create?

“It was always you.”

The literal day I realized I should start thinking of the future site Q of The Trident I was gifted with a beatdown here where I hung out with Kielbasa almost the entire time. It was always you, Kielbasa. When you are aware with what the universe is wanting to co-create with you, you say yes. The two traits that stick out to me in getting to know Kielbasa were his sincerity and his curiosity. He cares deeply about himself, others around him, and offers sacredness to that sincerity. He has a deep well of curiosity. His presence has weight to it, a pull of gravity that brings you in.

As we step into a new future and start composting our current selves for the next year at The Trident, I implore you all to step through and be like Kielbasa. Be deeply sincere and be curious about life.

The Trident Flag was passed to Kielbasa in a “knighting” fashion.


Slick prayed us out with a reminder of the vibrational impact our hearts make on the world. Individually, this Tuesday morning across Omaha, this Tuesday morning from all PAX across America.

This is the call to step into the mature masculinity we are all destined to embody.

Amen. Aye!

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