Catamount Complex : 04/18/2023 – Low Flow 1 Year Anniversary Cont.

Temp: 42 degrees

PAX: (34) Farva, Fun Dip, G-String, Baby Shark, Korver, Irish Car Bomb, Duracell, Crank Bait, Tenacious D, Dozer, Knobs, Levy, Girl Dad, Chernobyl, KOA, Animal House, Icy Hot, Lady Bug, Skidz, Busser, O.G. Kickstand, Invictous, Milo, Chestnut, Schrute, Ray Ban, Razzle Dazzle, Boss Hog, Uncle Jesse, Sticks, Sweet Roll, Bayside, Squints, Low Flow  

Q: Low Flow

Pre Runners:

A whole crap load of PAX


We did S.S. Hops until all PAX decided to get out of their cars and circle up with us (about 40 in total) we were going to do 40 anyway just like the day before

Pre-Thang: I lead the PAX out to Bernadette St. then turned West to up the hill which is becoming a staple at Catamount for me and we circled up at the top for:

10 – Burpees

20 – Merkins

30 – Air Squats

15 – LBC’s

We counted off in groups of 3 then headed back down the mountain and back to the A.O. where I had 3 stations preped

The Thang: 3 stages

Stage 1: Push Group

AT the stairs ( Southside of the A.O. leading to the football field)

10 – Burpees then down the hill for

10 – Burpees then Bear Crawl back up the hill and head west to Stage 2

Stage 2: ( just north of the shovel flags in the same lot)

25 – Merkins

20 – LBC’s

25 – Ranger Merkins

20 – Flutter Kicks

25 –  Werkins

20 – Heels to Heaven

10 – Burpees

Back to the Top

Stage 3: (Eastside of the AO by the basketball hoops)

35 – Air Squats

20 – Big Boys

40 – Alt. Lunges

20 – Heels to Heaven

40 – Monkey Humpers

20 – Alt. Heel Touches

10 – Burpees

Bato the Top

Announcements: Big day April 22nd for the 5 year anny. of F3 Omaha. 2nd F thangs happening all week!

Prayers were said.


One year ago I started my F3 journy at this AO the Octagon. The HIM that EH’d me was a no show but it didn’t matter because I had been on the sidelines of Twitter watching this group of men doing their thang for a long while wondering what in the hell they doing each morning and I wanted in. I needed a change in my fitness and this looked interesting. We started with a short run around the backside of the building and I was asked a couple questions from a guy that called himself TC to which I could only muster one word answers because I couldn’t catch my breath “ we had run the equivalent of maybe 50 yards”. We circled up and started warm-o-rama and from then on I was hooked “this is awesome” I thought to myself then we moseyed to the football field where the Q for that day finally showed up and finished the day strong giving me the name Low Flow. I felt like a new man driving home smiling the entire way. One hour later I received a couple text from some old friends that were already in F3 congratulating me on making it out that morning! Now I have a smile on my face the rest of the day! I made out out each day of the week until Friday because I had a meeting with the brass at 7 am which has since been changed to 7:30. That entire day I felt off and couldn’t explain it so I made a deal with myself no matter how sore or tired I am I’m going to try and post as often as my life and work schedule will allow. I started see a giant change in my fitness level but even more mentally which I knew I needed but did’t realize how much I really needed it. Now the physical aspect of F3 has just become an added bonus of what it does for me mentally. I post everyday because I need the other PAX to be there for me and maybe there’s another PAX out there that might need me to be there for him. Thank you to all the HIM of F3 Omaha you guys have no idea how much you’ve helped me and continue to do so. This has been one of the best years of my life! Aye, Low Flow

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